Fake tans that don’t smell

Fake tans that don’t smell


I’m curious to know, has anyone ever used a fake tan that doesn’t smell?
Personally I have never come across one and I have tried quite a few brands including Bondi sands, Skinny Tan and Eco organic
If anyone has come across one I’d love to hear about it


I know, right. I’d go to bed and the smell would wake me up- not to mention the worry that the product would streak. I tried the ones you mentioned, but the scent was unpleasant for me.
I found Loving Tan 2 hr Express to be quite mild in scent. I just got the bottle out of the drawer to sniff and could barely smell anything. I use it when I get home from work or anytime I have a bit of lounge-about time ahead of me. It takes 2 hours to develop, then I wash it off. It’s quite dark if you leave it on longer than 2 hours, though. I don’t notice the smell in that time at all. It’s my go-to tanner.


Eco tan is amazing, made form cocoa. Smells devine. Dosent have a nasty smell. I use winter skin gradual tan daily. $29. They have an award wining moose. $34 Also moogoo has brown cow its okay, dosent smell. $29 Also a new gradual tan out that is only $18 for a big pump bottle is life basics. I havent tryed it, however reviews are great. If you dont want your tan to smell, you need to go organic. Also everything you put on your skin entres your blood stream, so do your body a favour and use organic and natural when you can.


I am a yuuuuuuuge Tan-Luxe fan, for this very reason. The Butter is my favourite, it’s a creamy gradual tanner with a tiny bit of shimmer in it. The colour is lovely and it’s the un-stinkiest I’ve ever used. I also like their tan drops for the face, I haven’t used the body ones though.