Favorite Nail Polish Colour

Favorite Nail Polish Colour


What’s your favorite?

I have a few that I really love, but my ABSOLUTE fave would have to be OPI- Infatuation. It’s a soft creme pink, but it’s not a baby pink, verging more to coral, but very soft and sophisticated.


OPI in Passion.


OPI - Lincoln Park After Dark


I would LOVE to feel comfortable in something like Lincoln Park After Dark, but I just can’t :shakehead:

Anything bright, and not red is good for my toes. My fingers are generally naked. :redcheeks:


OPI I’m Not Really a Waitress (deep, shiny red).


I have lots of the OPI varnishes but the one that I use most (on my toes) is Melon of Troy.


I only use OPI, Zoya or Chanel. Favourite colours change all the time but these are getting a run at the moment.

Zoya - Corrine, pale natural skin tone (cream).
OPI - Bubble Bath, soft transparent natural pink.
Chanel - Flamme Rose, sheer pink.
(Limited to natural style nails for business)

Toes or socialising:-
Chanel - Madness, deep rich brown.
OPI - It’s a Doozie says Suzie, deep metallic coppery brown.
Chanel - Pirate, blue based fabulous red.
Chanel - Black Satin.


my current fave is my napoleon chandelier shine… but can’t remember the colour and it’s too far away to go have a looksee! it’s a pinky red! :chuckle:

i saw in a magazine today (new woman) and add for the new OPI collection - Tea Party I think, all pale pinks and white colours… v nice! :clapping:


the 2 i use the most r it’s all greek to me & a rose at dawn broke by noon [opi]


[QUOTE=nattieb;33628]i saw in a magazine today (new woman) and add for the new OPI collection - Tea Party I think, all pale pinks and white colours… v nice! :clapping:[/QUOTE]

Adore has them. They are called Garden Party (close!)



ahh i was think mad hatters tea party! :chuckle:

looked at the name of my fav - Rocco Red… but it’s more pink! :rollthoseeyes:


I love the Garden Party Collection too NattieB! I want it all!


I love a dark blue nail polish for darker moments and i love just a basic nude color. Besides the obvious reds and oranges which I love to use on my toe nails.


I want this:

OPI Designer Series - Couture


Rosie I have My Private Jet which is like that only black. I wear it as a top coat over my OPI Black Onyx (black) as on its own it is a bit sheer.


I am loving my new M.A.C Nail Polishes. I only wear coloured polish on my toes and keep the fingernails clear and relatively short.

My new M.A.C Polishes are:

Nocturnelle - Black
Nightfall - Metallic charcoal Grey
Dark Angel - Deep dark purple.


That looks pretty cool Rosie. Her nails look great too, very well-done and good cuticles!


[QUOTE=Rosie;41117]I want this:

OPI Designer Series - Couture[/QUOTE]

Rosie that nail polish looks awesome!! I’d love to have this for summer or spring.


I don’t have a favourite nail polish brand as such - but I love pale pinks, reds and glittery type nail polishes. I dont think i could ever wear dark colours like green black blue, etc it just doesnt suit me.


anything deep red or dark browns i.e linkin park after dark on my toes. a neutral biege or tint on my finger nails otherwise I just leave them natural.