Favorite products for acne prone skin?

Favorite products for acne prone skin?


I have had Acne prone skin for years now and I have tried everything, from eating loads of antioxidant & vitamin B enriched foods. taking all the Beauty Chef products, collagen, eating clean & healthy. Using products that have saved others and nothing has helped. If someone has been through this and overcome it with their go-to products, please help! :slight_smile:


Hey @sarinaclark have you tried any of the Alpha-H products? Seem to work for a lot of people? Otherwise cosmetic acupuncture? A friend of mine had bad acne problems and started doing this and it helped her a lot.


I haven’t tried there products, I shall look into them! :slight_smile:And never heard of cosmetic acupuncture… I have done Lactic peels and Skin Needling etc… Doesn’t seem to do a lot :frowning:


@sarinaclark cosmetic acupuncture is probably similar to skin needling. The needles basically help with blood circulation/flow through your skin which can help break up any blockages under your skin which are causing acne and oil build up. They also trick your skin into thinking it has to produce more collagen.


Vitamin A cream!
I haven’t used it personally but had 3 friends who have struggled with adult acne and been prescribed a medical grade vitamin A cream, the results have been
A. Noticeable in 2 weeks
B. Long term with reduced scarring
I would recommend talking to your doctor first tho because the product comes with risks such as extreme sensitivity to UV light and a possible link to birth defects so it certainly cannot be used if you are thinking of trying for a baby but for my friends who have had acne the benefits to their skin and self confidence has meant they love the product.
Vitamin A cream is also known to reduce fine lines so added bonus!


@christined Cosmetic acupuncture? That sounds really interesting!
I imagine that would also have benefits for skin rejuvenation in general but have never heard of it. Do you know if it is a treatment that is offered by acupuncturists or cosmetic clinics?


Ohh yeah I have heard of Vitamin A… I have been getting a few facial treatments though so haven’t been able to use any Vitamin A or retinol or anything but i just finished up yesterday so I may look into that further, thanks!