Favourite Beauty Blog/Vlog?

Favourite Beauty Blog/Vlog?


What’s your favourite beauty blog or vlog? Who do you follow?


I am obsessed with Caroline Hirons:

I find her to be a really good source of information, her reviews are fantastic and are jam-packed with all the details a skincare nerd like me wants to see, but it’s also written in a really accessible way in my opinion. I also totally geeked out over this interview with Brandon from Deciem about The Ordinary:

In terms of YouTubers I don’t watch a lot of skincare content, but I do watch a faaaair few makeup artists - my favourites are:

Jackie Aina
Cydnee Black
Samantha Ravandahl

These girls I love because they’re hilarious and know their stuff inside and out, for reviews and more wearable looks.Then I also love:

Glam and Gore
Lucy Garland

Because their creativity inspires me to try weird out there things.