Favourite lipstick shades?

Favourite lipstick shades?
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@happy2be here’s a pic of swatches for Immortal (the red) and 1995 in the Gerard Hydra Matte liquid lipsticks. I got the 1995 in the mail yesterday and love it for a more casual/natural look. Bit addicted to these now and wondering which colour to get next.


Both shades are fab but oh that red!
I still haven’t found my perfect red - this one looks pretty amazing - and the price too…hmm


@happy2be right?! My go to for lipstick is usually only a classic red. I’ve always used MAC Ruby Woo because I love the colour and how matte it is but I think the Gerard Immortal might be my new go to, mostly because it’s just so much easier to apply as a liquid with a wand and it really just stays put.


I’m a huge fan of Ofra’s liquid lipstick in the shade of Laguna Beach, Colourpop’s More Better, and Maybelline’s Smoking Red in their The Loaded Bolds collection. These are all my favourite shades, but I must say the Ofra one’s formulation isn’t the best. It’s a bit sticky, and it transfers. But it lasts long, so still good.


I super love the Maybelline Downtown Red. Gosh, who doesn’t love red? Perhaps it’s a classic color but for my “dark mood” I would go for dark rasperry, it won’t be that bad getting that attitude isn’t it? :wink:


@shanthi_staff I just followed your lead and purchased the Gerard Hydra-Matte Wine Down as well. This is completely out of my comfort zone but I just love this Gerard range so much I’m collecting a few colours! I love it - but did you find you had to put a couple of layers on for it not to look streaky because it’s such a dark colour?


Old school but for good reason it’s a classic - It’s almost lipstick by Clinique - Black Honey


@tinamiller what a name! What sort of colour is “Black Honey”?


Oooh it defies description really lol. Technically it’s a black-red sheer lipstick with a brown base. Sounds awful doesn’t it? So Ive posted a pic of it on differing skin tones.Picture 11


@Shanthi hey shanti you should try L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick its also suits on you :slight_smile:


your choice is good to last week I also buy a lipstick L’Oréal Paris Fairest Nude, this product is love <3


Maybelline is my favorite brand and Bargundy Red is my favorite color in lipstick.