Favourite liquid lipstick formula? & what brand?

Favourite liquid lipstick formula? & what brand?


I think we all have a little trouble when trying to find the perfect liquid lipstick formula that stays all day but isn’t too drying and flaky!

So mention your favourite liquid lipsticks and what brand they’re from!


I’m smashing that reply button to say: the hype is real, LOVE that Gerard Cosmetics! I’ve reviewed it here: :smiley:


I’m with @Shannon_Staff. Obsessed with Gerard Hydra-matte!!


You guys. I have a confession. I HAVE NOT TRIED GERARD HYDRA MATTE YET.

Which colour d’you reckon I should get @Shannon_Staff?


@KateMorrisCEO you have not lived yet!! What kind of shades do you usually like? I have been studying the swatches online like a crazy person trying to decide what to add to my collection next!:sunglasses:


KAAATE NO you gotta fix this! The swatches we have are nice and colour accurate (weirdly enough there’s a lot of inaccurate ones if you just Google it, I learned this the hard way before we made these swatches haha).

I don’t think you can go wrong with 1995 for a wearable nude-tone with just enough brown to be on-trend, but not so much on-trend that it looks like you’re trying… if you know what I mean :stuck_out_tongue:

Cher is also really hard to go wrong with! It’s a workhorse shade, goes with everything - a beautiful mauvey my lips but better.

I wore Cher for the 7 day lipstick challenge and my skintone makes this look a lot deeper/cooler than it is - there’s not as much brown/plum tones as the photo would suggest.


I love the 1995! I always used to be a red only lipstick wearer as I didn’t wear it during the day but daytime lipstick is now a thing for me with 1995. I also just bought Everything Nice which is just a touch lighter than 1995 and even more of a subtle daytime lippy!

I’m considering getting adventurous and trying some fun ones like West Coast and Honeymoon which are bright pinks.

Agree re googling swatches @shannon_staff, but not all the shades had swatches on Adore so there were a few I had to hunt down.


Yeah you’re right we should get all the new shades done! They’ve been crazy-popular so we had quite a few shades launch after we did those swatches, I’ll see what I can do… :raised_hands:

Oooh Everything Nice is probably the next one I’ll buy! I’m also eyeing off the Plum Crazy shade because… well… I mean I own so many plummy lipsticks, why stop now :stuck_out_tongue:

The other Gerard lippy I love that maybe isn’t for everyone is the colour Iced Mocha. I’d describe it as a wearable taupe, a cool-toned brown that is surprisingly understated and doesn’t give you the zombie look that some taupes can give haha! It works well with fair skin types, especially if you lean neutral or cool toned.


Good advice @Shannon_Staff @christined and thank you for your enablement! I think I’ll start with 1995 and Everything Nice. adds to bag like a good little lemming :joy: