Favourite Vitamin C from The Ordinary

Favourite Vitamin C from The Ordinary


I’ve been reading through all of the posts about The Ordinary vitamin C products, and reading the descriptions on The Ordinary website - and now I’ve read so much it’s all a blur and I’m even more confused!! I’m hoping this post will help me to narrow down which Vitamin C I should try.

Many months ago I tried the Vitamin C suspension 23% which I found did help improve the appearance of my skin and the grittiness others disliked didn’t really bother me, but I thought there may be a better product to try.

Please share your favourite Vitamin C product from the Ordinary, and why you love it. If you’ve tried one from Hylamide and seen better results then from the Ordinary range, please let me know.

Thanks :blush:


Hey @kyliecavanough I use the Vit C Suspension 23% and have been really happy so far. The grittiness is a little annoying because I find it hard to use during the day but I just use it evenings so it’s fine. The Vit C 30% in Silicone is smoother but doesn’t seem to work as potently as the 23% because of the silicone.


I used that one at night also. I’ve switched to a natural cleanser, but still using up my Alpha-H moisturises and their Vitamin C. Their Vitamin C is too expensive for me to continue with so thought I’d go back to the Ordinary as it’s more budget friendly. Wasn’t sure whether to go with the 23%, or if one of the others are better.


If you are fine to deal with the grittiness the 23% is definitely more potent!