Feather Touch Eyebrow Tattooing

Feather Touch Eyebrow Tattooing


What does everyone think about feather touch eyebrow tattooing?
I really want to get it done, but am worried that in years to come I might regret it.
Does it look natural? Does it require a lot of upkeep?


I’ve seen this on friends and it looks good, but I personally couldn’t bring myself to do it! Is seems a bit extreme and I wonder what the long term effect is? Would be curious to learn more.


@jessicabrown I don’t know a lot about this but a friend of mine was looking to get it done and was under the impression that it’s done lightly so it fades away after a couple of years which would be ideal!


I’ve had it done @jessicabrown @tresnalee and @christined November last year. It cost me $600 which includes 1 Touch up. I am due for a touch up now so it’s lasted over 6 months but it’s not permanent hence the touch up. After my free touchup, I am then only charged $150 for any additional touch ups in future so I may return every 10 months, depending on how much it fades. I have friends though who needed touch ups within 2 months. I guess all skin types are different and therefore fade at different rates. But yes, it’s not permanent. Permanent is called, permanent tattooing. That, I probably wouldn’t do just in case I wasn’t happy with the shape. The lady who did mine was the same lady who has been waxing and tinting them for years so I knew she was great at shaping my grows. Check out lots of before & after pictures before you book. I booked Grace from The Lash And Brow Room, you can see her pics on instagram. It saves plenty of time getting ready. But they look overly dark in the first month. That’s normal though.