Fighting Lines & Wrinkles!

Fighting Lines & Wrinkles!


I have been progressively developing deeper lines around my eyes. Nuxe Anti Fatigue cream does wonders reviving my eyes each morning.
But I am starting to need something to combat this ageing early on!
Can anyone let me know what you have had success with?


I have been using Olay brand for eyes for many years and I can see the result now because people keeps saying I look 10yrs younger.
Also lately I’ve been trying Antipodes brand , kiwi seed for eye cream, it kind of help as well.


Olay! Now that is interesting @mariaadidjaja A very well known brand!
Do you use this only around your eyes? Or on your entire face?
And do you use morning & night?


@annettebisinella @mariaadidjaja I’m curious about the Olay thing as well. So it really works?


I have used almost all their range, from heated scrub (made in japan btw), serum, eye cream, sun lotion, day cream, night cream. They are great!!
Wait until 50%off at Coles/ Woolies though.

They eye cream only used around eye area.


It does work. Everytime I’m experimenting new brand and have rashes or dryness, I go back to Olay again and in 2days my skin is good again.


@christined first 4 ingredients for Olay Total Effects 7 in One Day Cream Normal SPF 15
Water, Glycerin, Niacinamide, Ethylhexyl Salicylate.
Some of our favourite ingredients from TO range!

I think I may give this a go @mariaadidjaja


Awesome, yes their ingredients are great.
I don’t need Estee Lauder, the Olay is good enough for me.
Good luck, hope your skin like it.


I’m in the process of using my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate sample that I got in my last Adore purchase. Only been using it a couple of weeks now… It feels really nice. Not sure if it’s been long enough to expect to see anything different as far as fine lines go but I do think my eyes are less puffy and dark.


I have never used any Estee Lauder products before. Despite it being a well known brand.
Great you got to score a sample! I love getting eye creams and serums as samples, they last for ages!
I have managed to score the Aesop and Clairns eye cream before. They lasted me couple months before they ran out.


I have a love hate relationship with eye creams…I really only use them because the creams that I use on the rest of my face are too heavy and give me milia. I just use supermarket brand/health food store products to add moisture as I can’t really use anything with actives in around my eyes as they make them water. I’m currently bouncing between weleda pomegranate (I think - it’s a red tube) eye cream and Innoxa organic - not that it’s especially organic looking at the ingredients…lol But they seem to be keeping the lines at bay and I’m a chronic sunblock and sunglasses wearer which my derm says is the 2 best things I can do for my eye area.


Well thats a good tip @tinamiller Normally sunblocks tell you to keeo away from sensitive areas such as eyes. But if thats been recommended by a professional and you dont have adverse affects, then I would say that a must do!


I’m careful to keep it out of the eye and as I’ve already had 3 skin cancers removed from my face - I use sunblock religiously.




Wow, looking 10 years younger than the real age is great to hear @mariaadidjaja he sedentary lifestyle ruining my health and beauty. Today itself i ll book olay eye cream!! @annettebisinella did you tried Olay??? Please share your experience as well.


Sunblock and sunglasses are best suggestions @tinamiller.


Thank you @vaishaliyadav☺️
Yeah I think if you are persistent from 28yrs up, using the eye cream twice a day for at least 10yrs, you’ll also see the result when you’re 40ish. I’m 45 now and most people think I’m around 30-35. They always said I don’t age. :grin:


I havent as yet, but it is on my shopping list! I am keen to get my hands on some especially with summer coming up, the added SPF will be perfect!!


Yea… I am at my late 20’s. And yesterday i booked my Olay eye cream. Eagerly waiting to give a try:heart_eyes:


@vaishaliyadav I’ve been using the Estee Lauder Night Repair Concentrate Eye Cream for a few weeks now and it’s amazing! I highly recommend.