Fine and thinning hair

Fine and thinning hair


I’ve always had LOADS of hair on my head except for the front/fringe area. I suspect it’s partly genetic but also related to wearing my hair tied up. I also regularly clip my fringe in a way to give the illusion of more hair and hide my flat-ish head.

I’m about to start using the the Kevin Murphy Plumping Range which was recommended by a hairdresser, but I’m wondering what else I could try or what others have had success with.

I’ve been looking at the Kerastase Densifique Cure (also recommended by the same hairdresser) but wonder if it’s worth that hefty price tag ? Ouch! :smiley_cat:


I’ve personally not had to use products to treat fine hair but I have a friend who has always just had quite thin hair since birth and she’s mentioned she loves using the Aveda Invati Scalp Revitaliser. :slightly_smiling_face:


@tresnalee you are on the right track. KM Plumping is great. Kerastase Densifique is very popular, lots of ppl repurchase.


Good to know! I’ll give the KM Plumping a few weeks and then decide on the Kerastase.


I have fine hair, so does my mum. I just bought Immortals Oil from the UK. It is meant to promote hair growth more then Rosemary Oil. It arrived today. 2 small bottles paid $126. Instructions are to put a few drops on the roots where you need hair to grow and within weeks (2-3 weeks) I’m meant to see new hair follicles growing so we’ll see if it actually does what it says it’ll do. Otherwise I’m going to try the Rosemary oil. I too have fair hair at the top especially around the fringe region. My husband is bolding on top so his keen to give it a try. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome.


I havent had much luck with hair products. I have fine hair, use to be alot. Aprox 4 months ago I had a hair disaster and most of the hair has fallen out or snapped. I am now reduced to wearing my hair in a bun everyday to hide the disaster until it grows back. I tried the Evo range from Adore, and I kept losing alot of hair.

I am now using Cureplex range of shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner and bond sustainer as a mask. Unfortunately not available on Adore. Which is a pain for me to buy. But have been told it is one of few products on the market with silk protein which are small enough to penetrate through your hair follicles. Most products eg. Argan oil do make your hair feel smooth. But layer your hair.
Im interested to know if that is true. The advise was given from a salon professional.


@annettebisinella @MelissaD I’m having great luck with the Kevin Murphy plumping range - it washes my hair really well, though I find I need a little extra moisture in my ends (I’m spraying in some leave in conditioner). My hair is certainly looking and feeling plumper on top! Just yesterday I ordered the plumping Body Mass leave in treatment and will be pleased to see how that adds to the range.


@tresnalee I would be very interested to hear how you go. I myself have looked at the exact leave in conditioner!


@annettebisinella well if the shampoo and conditioner are anything to go by then it should be a great help! (P.S Adore have a great promo right now to get small sample bottles when you place an order over $89 :blush: - I was sure to get an order in so I have some minis to travel with!)


That’s great :+1: I love plump/volume hair. Thanks for the recommendation. My problem isn’t volume though. My hair is super thick, holds lots of moisture too. But I just have gaps because I don’t have a lot of hair so you can see my scalp sometimes especially when I part my hair. My issue may be due to hormones. I’m concentrating on growing hair where those gaps are so I’m keen to try the immortals oil.

Best advice on how to make fine hair thicker? I am looking for products/shampoor/conditoner

Hi @tresnalee - following up to see if you found any products that worked for you as I also have the same issue. Thankyou!


The Kevin Murphy plumping range was quite good at increasing the texture of hair and making it appear and feel fuller, plus it smells outrageously good! :smiley:


I have yet to find my “holy grail” but so far the products that have worked for me best were using the Kérastase Bain Prevention shampoo with the Kérastase Densifique Masque in place of conditioner. I have tried other products looking for a cheaper option but find myself coming back to this after trying something new (before repeating the process again!). The Bain Prevention did go through a change in name/formula and I have to say I did prefer the original formula. I’ve tried the Kevin Murphy Plumping range and the R&Co Thickening range. I like the smell of the Kevin Murphy but I don’t get much time between washes. R&co is alright but no miracles (I mean I guess a shampoo can only be expected to do so much with what it has to work with!) I’m planning on dyeing my hair a different colour soon and I’ll probably move to colour protecting range next - if anyone has a recommendation for products that combine thickening and colour prevention please let me know!


Kindly suggest me if you find a oil or any products that fixes your problem , so that even I can try it.