First Time Waxing - Need some advice!

First Time Waxing - Need some advice!
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Hi Guys,

I am considering waxing, I usually either shave or use cream on my legs and other areas but it is quite time consuming. I have never had a professional wax done before and I am a little scared to be honest, hearing so many reviews that it hurts and everything.

I want to get a Brazilian because I prefer to be hairless in that area, my partner likes it too, also a full leg wax, somehow I have always had a little more hair then others on my upper legs and it is very annoying to shave or use hair removal cream weekly.

If you guys could please give me some advice, reassurance on this subject, maybe suggest some good places in Brisbane I could go to that would be awesome!

Hopefully this makes me a little less nervous!

Thank you,

C xx


It is not as bad as people make it out to be I promise. It is a little annoying pain, nothing that isn’t bare-able. If it was a ridiculous pain I am 100% positive that it wouldn’t be the most used form of hair removal.

Give it a go! You will love the results :slight_smile:


Unfortunately i can’t recommend a place as i’m interstate, but i found that going to a private salon (ie. someone who does it in their own home) much less intimidating than anywhere else. Definitely worth it!


If you’re in Brisbane, go to Beauty on Latrobe!

It’s the business of one of our forum girls and she is wonderful.


I got waxed for the first time back in April for the first time. It hurt. I wasn’t screaming in pain, but it was an extreme annoyance stinging. It didn’t last 6-8 weeks like everyone said it would either. I started having hair grow back by the second week. I was sore for about 5 days down there. I am more pleased with shaving rather than waxing.

I would never recommend waxing.


The pain turns into a numbness after a while. So it is not too bad and the more often you go the better the results.
I ay that where you choose to go is key. I once went to a lady who made a terrible habit of double booking did a full leg wax in 20 minutes. She actually broke blood vessels behind the knees! It should take in the region of 45 minutes, the pain should be numb and completely bearable.


Well, I’m not going to lie to you - it won’t be pleasant. But it’s not unbearable and at least for me, the pain is over right away. When I walk out I feel fine and don’t have to worry about anything in regards to hair growth for a month, which definitely makes it worth it for me :slight_smile:


I still prefer waxing over laser hair removal. Tried the latter for my legs and it was too itchy after the session. I had to endure it for almost an hour before the itchiness completely disappear. I don’t know what happened but I’ll never have it done again.