Flashback ....🤔

Flashback ....🤔


Hi ladies
I am suma and I am learning about makeup and i am really confused about flashback problem. If we use any foundation with spf or if i will apply sunscreen before my foundation, that could cause flashback !!! What is the ecject reason behind flashback and how i can avoid that !!!
Thanks in advance


Hi @sumandeep, welcome to the forum! Can you please explain what you mean by “flashback”? I’ve never heard of this before?


Hi, I could make an assumption it might be in relation to photography flashback… and so in that case to my knowledge I don’t know of a solution other than not using an SPF that is designed for exactly that reason, to reflect.

If you’re shooting in the day/light, you’d be best of finding shade between shoots/takes and then managing your lighting with the known other methods.

Hope that helps. :smile: )


Hi @sumandeep

Can you please elaborate it.