Foundation, BB cream, powder, highlighter, bronzer?

Foundation, BB cream, powder, highlighter, bronzer?
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Hello all beauty gurus :waving:

So, I’m a total make up noob and have always been jealous of those who have the skills to transform average faces into amazing looks! I recently went on a makeup lesson and picked up some basic skills (yes I am that hopeless).

I have always been a user of BB cream and use it mainly to cover up minor acne blemishes and to smoothen pores. During the session the makeup artist (MUA) demonstrated the entire makeup procedure using BB cream (+ concealer, powder, bronzer, blush, etc) and I ended up with a white, thick and cakey face HORROR I was then told that this is normally the case if I were to use BB creams because its a balm and so it’s thick and cakey :frowning: I have to be honest and say normally I only apply moisturiser+BB cream and I don’t get the same cakey effect… and I thought the best thing about BB creams is that its not cakey… was I misled? help!!!

Anyway I was then taught how to use only concealer + pressed powder + bronzer + highlighter etc and the result was surprisingly lighter/more natural.

I came home really happy with the result on my face (mostly the work of the MUA not me haha) but then I suddenly realised… there is no foundation or BB cream on my face at all, and I’m wondering if that’s right? I was told the powder is “mineral pigments” and not a foundation but I noticed a lot of forumers here talk about their favourite foundation and I can’t help but feel something is missing :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you girls do? Do you apply foundation as a must or simply go with concealer+powder?

Also, I bought the concealer and pressed powder from them, and was recommended a rather tanned shade for the powder. Instead of the usual brightening effect I get with my BB cream, the powder makes my entire complexion bronze/tanned looking :rollthoseeyes: is this the way?

Lastly, the MUA used their highlighter + bronzer on me for contouring, which I did not purchase from them (the lesson, powder and concealer already burned a hole in my pocket haha). But I am looking to purchase them :slight_smile:

Which is your favourite highlighter? I’ve heard plenty of good and bad reviews of the YSL Touche Eclat but I’m tempted haha what do you girls think of the YSL Touche Eclat?

And are all bronzers the same (regardless of brand/make)?

Omg I have so many questions! :whistle: