Foundation streaking on nose

Foundation streaking on nose


Hi I have tried a lot of foundations and find they all go blotchy and streaky on the bridge of my nose half way through the day. I moisturise and use primer but it doesn’t help. I’m 54 and would like to know what suitable foundation for mature skin would prevent this. At the moment I’m wearing Estée Lauder double wear which stays on long but still streaks and goes blotchy on the nose. Thanks…jo


@joannecorcoran Have you ever tried a mineral foundation? The powder based foundations might be better as they won’t streak. Alternatively if they don’t give you enough coverage you could try putting a setting powder over the top of your foundation too?


Interesting @joannecorcoran - do you wear glasses? Or touch your face a lot?
Do you think that patch of skin is oily or dry?


It’s definitely dry on my nose and it’s not due to wearing glasses


I find these types of foundation make it worse unfortunately


Oh and I have used both setting spray and powder but the same thing happens. It’s always just my nose


@joannecorcoran so I reckon your best best will be to try and sort out the dryness. What skincare are you using?


Hi Kate. I’ve been using Clinique morning and night. It’s just my nose. The rest of my face is good and my Estée Lauder foundation stays on really well…except for my nose, just goes blotchy and streaky / powdery looking halfway through the day


@joannecorcoran sounds like your nose is really dehydrated, which would be causing it to suck up any products you apply to it, leaving it looking patchy/flaky.
Can you tell us specifically which products you’re using? @alexandraraymond is our skincare specialist and can make some suggestions for you.