Foundation to cover rosacea & hyper pigmentation

Foundation to cover rosacea & hyper pigmentation


I am always on the look out for a foundation that covers my rosacea and hyperpigmentation. At 62 years of age I reckon I have tried them all and the latest I have heard about is from IT Cosmetics
Celebration Foundation Illumination.
Never having used a powder foundation I am wondering if it will give me the coverage or has anyone another suggestion for me?
I want one that lasts the day while I am at work.


Dermacol foundation is great it covers everything and if you have one of those days where you want s light makeup on I use neutrogena hydro boost foundation and use the dermacol as a concealer if you didn’t have any concealer but IT cosmetics has an awesome concealer that is good coverage for things need hidden. Dermacol will last you the day just put light translucent powder to set it and take shine away it’s water proof too so you will need makeup remover to get it off but it is good!!


@bridgetlockyer I use a mineral powder foundation day to day but the coverage is definitely pretty light. If I want something that covers spots better I usually use a liquid foundation and then go over it with some mineral powder to really get good coverage. I use Inika for both my liquid and mineral foundation.


Yes, @bridgetlockyer I have also heard the IT foundation
Celebration Foundation Illumination is excellent. Only available from Sephora? Their on line shop is out so stock of most colours and no Sephora near to me, so unable to “give it a go” at the moment. I’m currently using Jane Airedale full coverage BB cream which gives good coverage but I find it works best with a primer. Apparently primer is in the IT foundation.


No powder foundation will give you a great coverage. The liquid foundations can cover all your spots and marks better. So i suggest you to go with liquid foundation itself.


Thin Lizzy flawless complexion is excellent despite the commercials . I was very surprised. The applicator that comes with it is lovely. Beauty by Nicholas is fantastic too. Another commercialised product but it does the job very well. I use many different brands of primer and foundation and concealer but when I feel lazy or I look like nothing would hide my imperfections these are my go to products.


@bridgetlockyer Dermablend! It’s designed to cover tricky blemishes and imperfections so it might work well for you! Check out this article: