Frustrated with skincare and needing a new routine - maybe a natural range? Help!

Frustrated with skincare and needing a new routine - maybe a natural range? Help!


In the past 6 - 8 months I’ve been on the search to find my ultimate skin care routine. I previously used Moogoo, but wondered if there was something better suited to my skin and so began the search. In that time I’ve tried Skinstitut, The Ordinary and most recently (and currently) Alpha-H. Currently using the triple action cleanser, instant facial, vitamin c, liquid gold overnight moisturiser and essential hydration moisturiser (not all on the same day). I have their eye cream and sunscreen also.

I’ve been using Alpha-H for about one month and after my initial happiness at how great my skin looked now feel it doesn’t look or feel any different to before I started using it. I know longer use is really needed to really see if my skin benefits… but I’ve begun the search again.

After reading about this girls incredible results with her natural routine, I’ve begun looking at more natural skincare ranges and more importantly, something affordable.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I’m looking into Blessed by Nature (Australian, locally sourced ingredients and recycled packaging), Sukin, and I’ve just started reading about Happy Skincare (natural, organic, vegan and their about us page is filled with their humour). Happy also offer sample sizes that’ll last 2 weeks at great prices so I will probably get those for a test run.

No doubt there are others I’ve not mentioned or thought of so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE feel free to suggest the ones you love. I’m tired of searching and especially tired of spending and still not really seeing a difference in my skin. I just want clearer, brighter skin :frowning:

I’m in my mid-40’s, with breakout prone skin and large pores. I eat quite healthy and one month ago quit sugar (what a stupid time of year to do that!). I’m also using the Glow Inner Beauty powder and have almost finished my first tub.

I thought I’d share this link I came across on the best Australian natural skincare in case there’s anyone else interested in this topic.


Haha oh wow - I’m usually pretty decent at avoiding processed foods but around Christmas time it’s near impossible - good on you! You’ve achieved the impossible :laughing: it’s gotta get easier from now, right?

Ooh what a timely question! I was speaking to Courtney in our customer service team yesterday and she was asking me what natural products I recommend, I kinda spaced out on her for a bit and told her I probably wasn’t the right person overall as my skin seems to prefer (mostly) minimal, non-“natural” products.


The biggest change I ever saw in my skin was after I started letting it do its own thing, by choosing formulations that either boost the skin barrier, leave it alone, or have very minimal irritation. I’ve always been bothered by how many of my friends and family do NOTHING about their skin and their skin just looks amazing.

How does your skin go with oil cleansers? I swear we were talking about the Moogoo one! Are you double cleansing with this at the moment? I actually don’t use a cleanser other than my oil cleanser right now, it removes makeup and washes away cleanly and overall, lets my skin barrier do its own thing. I think that would be a good first step if you want to progress to more natural routine - it’s an easy one, with something you already have! Does take getting used to though.

One of the main problem I have with a lot of natural products is that natural =/= better, ie. many are loaded up with essential oils that can make your skin photosensitive/reactive (like the lavender oil in that article - I know it works well for some, but I think it’s so easy to forget that aromatic oils are usually plant defenses - natural pesticides! Doesn’t mean they have the same effect on humans, but scientifically speaking they serve a different original purpose so it’s not surprising they can cause problems on the skin).

I haven’t tried Happy Skincare but I like their vibe! Their ingredients and approach look solid to me. If anyone has tried it, I’d love to know more!

In my routine, I can’t live without rosehip oil and a nice oil cleanser - right now I’m using THREE from Japan which is probably hypocritical of me, as it’s loaded up with essential oils. They don’t stay on the face though so I’m very comfortable with it - as long as it rinses away cleanly I don’t mind which oil cleanser I’m using!

I try to use natural products on my body more often, so lately I’ve been using the Edible Beauty body care. I really like their range! It’s Australian and the owner is really lovely. They’ve got a cream cleanser that is incredible, and their new face oil looks really interesting but I haven’t tried it yet!


What a memory you have!! Yes, the first oil cleanser I tried was moogoo and believe it transformed my skin… I’m unsure why I stopped using it though. I’d always had really oily skin, but after using the oil cleanser I was no longer an oil slick. Their prices are so great also. I think I’m just trying to find the ‘best’ one for me maybe, and as good as I found the Moogoo, maybe there’s something better that I’ve not considered. Moogoo also have a Blemish Cleansing Moisturiser, but it’s actually a cleansing cream. It’s applied after cleansing and while you’re skin is still damp.

Definitely not one for Lavender oils in my face care, although some love it I’m one of those weirdos that gets headaches from lavender!! Quite happy to have a product that has as few ingredients as possible, and definitely ingredients I can read and understand! I don’t double cleanse, but I also don’t wear makeup. I have health issues that keep me at home more often then not - probably also affecting my skin due to medications and with so much going into my body that I can’t control, looking for ways I can control what I put in is starting to become important.

After I posted my question, I was looking at rosehip products, one company being Rosehip Plus. Do you know of them?


Oh - and I forgot to mention the most important part!! I gave up sugar month ago - and completely binged on sugar at xmas :rofl: So we know what my new years resolution is going to be!


I have to recommend the drunk elephant range. Sadly not currently on adorebeauty but available at mecca.

I was gifted a kit on xmas and in 6 days my tired, blotchy, pore-y, pigmented 36 yr old skin has become smooth, insanely glowy, even, and the giant cheek pores have disappeared (with nose pores significantly reduced).

Particular stars are the peekee cleanser bar, and glycolic night serum.


Thanks so much for the advice. I’ll definitely look into their range. :slight_smile:


I suggest you give Paula’s Choice a go.
They really have great products, not overpriced, no fragrances and not tested on animals.

Paula Begoun is the founder and an incredible woman and the website has so much information that can help you.

She also has
and they do reviews on thousands of products.


Thanks. :slight_smile: I have visited her site previously, will have another look.


@kyliecavanough I guess everybody’s skin reacts differently to different products but I will start by saying that your diet will make a HUGE difference!!

A few things that help me diet wise:
*Bone Broth: I think I’ve mentioned this before but the collagen in bone broth is amazing for your skin. You can make it yourself by brewing organic soup bones with some apple cider vinegar. I also add onion, garlic, celery, carrots and a bayleaf to try add flavour.
*Keeping things clean and eating lots of greens and cutting out all the nasties like sugar and junk. It really does work!

As far as natural products go:

  • I’m with Shannon on the Rosehip Oil bandwagon. I use it every night before I go to sleep.
    *I also love The Ordinary Squalane to use as a moisturising oil on my skin during the day. It absorbs really well and keeps my skin really hydrated
    *I use a really simple natural cleanser by Summer Salt called the Soothe Me Cleanser. It’s very similar to a Cetaphil type cleanser but it’s all natural and vegan and has light a cucumber/lime scent

Other products in my routine that aren’t natural but seem to help:

  • I use the Pixie Glow Glycolic pads once or twice a week to smooth out my skin. Just be careful as they are potent so if your skin is sensitive go slow. If you already have Alpha-H Liquid Gold in your arsenal as I know you do you could probably substitute the peel pads with the Alpha-H
  • Dermalogica’s Superfoliant has been great on my skin after cleansing in the evenings. I’m not 100% sure what it does but I suspect the charcoal in it pulls out the toxins and the texture also helps exfoliate.


I just recently started using the Sodashi Clay Cleanser and it has made a huge difference to my oily skin. I also use a hydrating serum and only moisturise a couple of times a week. I also use Pai which is a natural brand made for sensitive skin. The Hydrating Cleanser and Rosehip and Chamomile moisturiser are excellent. I mix and match my products as I don’t believe that all natural products are good-many of them are full of essential oils, coconut oil and butters that are too heavy for my skin or aggravate my rosacea. I would try to focus more on ingredients such as Vitamin C, niacinamide, retinol and hyaluronic acid


Thank you! I make bone broth quite often, and really should put some aside for myself but then never bother. And I know I should as it’s great for people with chronic pain conditions which I have. I make it for my dog!! :smiley:

I recall you mentioning Pixie Glow pads and your love for them previously. I think I was using Nip + Fab pads which were very popular and inspired me to try them. Maybe once I get through my Instant Facial (like liquid gold but Alpha-H said good to start with til my skin adapts), I’ll try the Pixie Glow Pads.

I’ll check out the Dermalogica Superfoliant. I have such a list to investigate!! I keep going back to Happy Skincare and reading their info and searching for reviews. They have a sample pack for $20, and other samples $5 each so at least it’s affordable to try and if it doesn’t work not a lot has been wasted. They have an oil cleanser, and also a charcoal one both of which they say (as do their reviews) they’ve really helped people with breakouts.

Why can’t it be simple!!


I’ve never heard of Sodashi, so I’ll look it up right now!! Thanks :slight_smile:


@kyliecavanough oh you definitely have to save yourself some of the bone broth! Your skin will glow after using it for even a couple of weeks. Why do you feed it to your dog? That’s hilarious.


haha because it’s so good for her!! :slight_smile:
When we adopted her we bought a popular tinned food, which came out both ends!! I was a bit wary of ingredients in some brands also so decided I’d just make her food. She’s also had a leg injury (we think she may have been abused), and although she has no issues now, the broth will hopefully help her live without pain for some years to come.
We did get a delivery from a small company that make dog food, but what I was making was much the same. I usually do it once a month, then freeze it in containers - I’ve even made treats for her although they usually end up buried in the yards somewhere so haven’t for a while.
I keep the chicken frames when I make a roast and freeze them. Then just boil them as you would for stock/broth. Once boiled and all the bones are strained out, I put it back on the stove with some brown rice or oats, sweet potatoes, peas, corn - no carrot as she ALWAYS leaves the little bits in her bowl! I throw in some apple cider vinegar and turmeric. Once it’s almost finished, I put in some mince - whatever I have but usually beef and chicken; stir it until it’s browned (just so it doesn’t get smelly in the fridge). And that’s it! Freeze it in containers and then she gets a few big spoonfuls of that, combined with some chunky pet meat.

We had our friend stay recently to build a fence and after seeing me make the food, he’s convinced our dog has a pretty lux life :wink: