Getting rid of blackheads

Getting rid of blackheads


What are your go to products and techniques for keeping those dreaded blackheads at bay? I like to think I have fairly good skin but blackheads on my nose are something I can never really get rid of properly. I tried those peel strips once upon a time ago in my teen years but never really felt they did much except strip off my top layer of skin!
Have considered trying a Clarisonic perhaps?
Have you guys found anything good to work at blackheads?


Once a week I do a 2 step face mask treatment. And this seems to really clean everything out!

  1. Alpha-H Liquid Gold Smoothing + Perfecting Mask for 20 min (less if you have sensitive skin) - Acts as exfoliating mask
  2. Alpha-H Balancing and Pore Refining Mask with Jojoba Oil was Purifying Clay Mask for 20 min - Draws out all impurities, tightens pores, gives skin a good deep cleanse

Works a treat for me!


Oh awesome! So keeps them away for most of the week @annettebisinella ? Do you think the Pore refining mask alone would be sufficient if I’m already using those pixie glow pads with AHA to exfoliate?


I think so @christined
The 2 mask system really just gives a more intense cleanse. Which my skin needs being problematic.

And sorry, yes it does keep them at bay for most of the week. I do have oily problematic skin. So if you dont, this would be a no brainer!

PS. They smell great on!


Amazing! Going to give it a crack @annettebisinella… holy moly I am collecting quite a beauty routine because of this forum :joy:


Me too! Even my partner has commented…do you really need all those droppers and creams? Seems like alot of stuff :joy::joy:
But he did say, it is working! Im looking great! :star_struck:


Good to hear @annettebisinella. And I have to agree. My skin is looking and feeling amaze since getting all these great things into my new routine


Maybe try a BHA product? I use the one from COSRX and i purged a bit initially (got some breakouts and a big blackhead on my nose) and it seemed to keep it at bay


Hey Christine, I have a full forum dedicated to how I got rid of all of my blackheads, and kept them away. I think this could really help :green_heart:


Thanks, I will be trying out your method this evening. I already gotten all the stuff this morning!


@annettebisinella just be a little careful introducing so many new ingredients all at once, only because if your skin doesn’t like something it can be hard to pinpoint the culprit. Lydia’s routine while effective for her is quite a harsh routine and this will mean the likelihood of getting a bad reaction is more likely. Good luck and go gently!