Guide to the ordinary

Guide to the ordinary


i’m REALLY wanting to get into the Ordinary. products but i have absolutely no idea where to start! it is all so confusing!

can anyone help me with a beginners guide?! i would appreciate it so much


Hi if you email Deciem tell them your age skin concerns and tell them u would like a recommended routine from the ordinary line they will get you started, also on fb Deciem fans or something like that there is a huge page with lots of people happy to help, we’ll worth the effort at the start :heart_eyes:


oh wow! i hadn’t no idea you could do that! i will do that now, thankyou so much! i really appreciate it x


Google deciem that’s the company that seeks it they have lots of products that you can make your on routine it’s sounds confusing but one product is the buffet that’s to die for the vitamin. Get confusing different textures


i’ve read some really good reviews on the buffet so i will definitely look into it more, thankyou so much