Hair and make up help please!

Hair and make up help please!


Hello hello!

Feeling kinda desperate!

First off, hair! :persevere:
My hair has always been easy to look after, shiny no knots- lucky! But now, Iv been dying it, going blonde…
It’s straw like, so knotty! Like, I brush it when it’s wet and when I try and put it up, it’s knotty again! Just can’t deal lol
So… what products do you use to help? Iv tried a couple and I’m over wasting money :grimacing:

Next off, make up!
I feel like I fail as a female, I can’t do make up!
I have no idea how to pick good ones and don’t know how to apply it lol
My newest addition is MAC and I’m still failing, how on earth do I work this stuff haha
So, what are some tips on applying your make up and what ones do I pick? For example, liquid eyeliner or pencil? And why?

Oh and also, is there any fab creams out there to help even skin tone on my face? Or is this just a clinic thing haha
I’m starting to go “blotchy” as I’m getting older and not a fan of it haha!

Thank you in advance for advice! And much love :v:t2::grin::kissing_heart:


@jessicaday have you tried Olaplex for your hair?
Otherwise, I remember getting some balayage and the blonde bits were as you said, straw-like after I got it coloured. I ended up finding a really thick conditioner (don’t judge me - I found Head & Shoulders conditioner is super thick and works for this) and just religiously using that on it and it seemed to bring moisture back and fix things.

As far as make-up application… Have you tried checking out some how-to youtube videos? This might be really good to help! I would maybe start with pencil for eyeliner. liquid eyeliner seems to be harder to apply. I still haven’t mastered it!


I second the Olaplex. Leave it in overnight on damp (unwashed) hair and then wash it out in the morning. It repairs the hair bonds that are damaged from the colouring so if you use it regularly you will definitely get results.


I agree with @KateMorrisCEO suggestion. From many years am doing the same.


@jessicaday I 4th the Opalex. If you dont like a damp pillow, I pop on a head scarf and sleep in mine.

Makeup - I am hearing you. I am a plain jane foundation and mascara kinda gal. When I go out I try and whip on the eyeliner, lippy and eyeshadow. Thats as far as I go!
Eyeliner is hard, Whilst @christined uses pencil, I cannot master it and can only manage to use liquid. When I started I used Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner, then got more confident and now use Napoleon Perdis Matte Eye Ink Liner

I cant master the brushes and beauty blenders. So I just use my hands to apply foundation.
I use Maybelline Dream matte mouse foundation and their powder as well.
My suggestion would be, try the testers and dont buy for the brand, buy for the colour that matches you the best.

Also my final tip would be look out for make up master classes. Westfield, Mecca, Myers ect. Alot of them are cheap and even free. Go along and you learn alot and even get really great goodie bags! Subscribe on their websites for email notifications so you can keep up to date!


Olaplex is the bomb. You can also use it as a leave in conditioner (just a tiny bit mixed in with your usual leave in conditioner (my hairdresser put me onto that). For beginners makeup - perhaps look at starting with a tinted moisturiser and tinted lip balm to begin with and I can’t recommend highly enough Lisa Eldridge’s YT channel. She has 4 product looks right through to OTT makeup artist looks. I also second @annettebisinella suggestion of heading to makeup counters for lessons. Choose someone whose look you really like…you can pay for them as well - but the cost is redeemable in product so the lesson turns out free.