Hair - falling out and extremely dry

Hair - falling out and extremely dry


Hey ladies

My hair falls out more and more everyday. I find myself collecting a whole bunch of hair every time I shower and/or brush my hair. My hair is also very dry. Can anyone recommend a hair product or home remedy that may help with this.

Thank you in advance :heart:


Hey @georgianatannous

My hair was horrible after I had my daughter; it would fall out in clumps and was so limp and lifeless! I started using ‘eleven’ volumising shampoo and conditioner and have noticed a big change.

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much
I will certainly look into it


Hey @georgianatannous, this could also be hormonal or systemic. Might be worth talking to a Dr or Naturopath about it? Certain vitamins or dietary changes may help?


Thank you x