Hair loss

Hair loss
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A bit concern about the ginger and garlic smell :rollthoseeyes:


[QUOTE=greenforever;462224]A bit concern about the ginger and garlic smell :rollthoseeyes:[/QUOTE]

haha… yeah right! so make sure to wash your hair thoroughly in the morning otherwise it will leave an awful smell, but if you can’t handle the smell overnight leaving it for a a few hours will do :slight_smile:


most of the time you don’t lose hair when you’re pregnant but when you gave birth then it is possible that you lose very much hair. It’s because of your hormones


i think you cna use olive oil it’s good for your hair loss


I normally use ALOE VERA for hair loss.There are many benefits of aloe vera, among which are the moisturizing properties for the skin and the scalp.Also, this plant is very effective to prevent and combat hair loss and we can prepare ourselves homemade capillaries and very cheap.


I would definitely seek advice from your doctor as it could be due to a hormonal imbalance etc
In regards to a Shampoo & Conditioner i can highly recommend Kevin Murphy’s Plumping Range. You need to make sure you use the Wash, Rinse AND the Leave-In Treatment Body.Mass to get the full results.
The range has ingredients that have been proven to help stimulate hair growth, improve circulation, & reduce the production of the hormone DHT which is the main cause associated with hairloss.


No need to use any shampoo or conditioner often, just follow these steps regularly so that u can avoid ur hair falls .
1.Wash Your Hair Thrice A Week
2.Keep Your Scalp Healthy (sometimes having drandruff also causes hairfall)
3.Diet (maintain proper diet)
4.Anti-Hair Fall Products
5.Trichup Hair Fall Control Oil


@vishnupriya any products in particular you recommend for this?


In oil, u can use- Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil
Shampoo- Dove hir fall Rescue shampoo