Hair pre and post baby!

Hair pre and post baby!


Ok mummas!
Who can feel my pain with hair during pregnancy and after.
My hair seemed gorgeous whilst pregnant and after bubs popped out lol
Its course split ends and overall terrible.
Help from one mumma to anotha =D xx


Hey @taliahgentile, I haven’t gone through it myself but a few of my friends have and have said this is a temporary hormonal thing that lasted about 6 months for them. Apparently during pregnancy the increased levels of estrogen in your body halts the growing cycle of your hair so hair that would usually fall out stays put. Then after birth your estrogen drops again and the “resting” hair suddenly falls out.

In the mean time, you might find some good tips for Aveda products that could help keep your hair looking lush until the hormonal thing sorts itself out.


Yeah weeeeeeird stuff happens with all those hormones. Apparently your hair doesn’t really shed while you are pregnant so it gets all thick and fabulous (or if you are like me and have thick hair already, thicker and haystack-y and impossible to control).
Then it all falls out about the time you get your first period after the baby is born. So it might look thinnish for a bit. But then you will grow a bunch of new hair and it all goes back to its regular cycle.

It will sort itself out eventually, hang in there! If it’s looking really damaged (split ends etc) you could try Olaplex, which is a hair rebonder that can help repair damage.