Hand Sanitizer Suggestions?

Hand Sanitizer Suggestions?


Who uses hand sanitiser here? I quite like to keep a little bottle in my car or handbag in case I grab a snack on the go as I don’t fancy diving into a hand held food item like a sushi roll when I know my hands may not be the cleanest.

I’m just wondering if anyone knows of any that are perhaps alcohol free or lower in alcohol content though? I know that’s probably the active antibacterial ingredient but perhaps there’s something more natural out there?I currently use the Aesop resurrection rinse free hand sanitiser which is quite nice but still just has an overpowering alcohol scent to it and leaves my hands a bit dry.


You could try one of the baby foam hand sanitisers they have nowadays for little ones, they are the only ones I can think of without the alcohol smell/dryness :grinning:


Thanks for the suggestion @courtneybailey. I’ve not heard of these… Any idea what the brand/s are for these baby foam hand sanitisers?


Hey Christine,
Babyganics is the one my friend uses (overseas) and Ive never noticed any smell or dryness with it.


I love the soap and glory one from Mecca. I also use the matching hand cream. They smell amazing and really care for the skin. The small ones are $4 each. The large hand cream is 8. I recommend the small tube for your hand bag and if you like it then get the big tube to refill it.


Thanks @courtneybailey x


I use Dr.Bronner’s Lavender Organic Hand Sanitizer. It smells amazing and has a spray pump so you never squeeze too much out. It never dries out my hands either, and gets rid of 99.9% of germs!


Oh good idea @joannafleming! I love Dr Bronner.