Hand Wash!

Hand Wash!
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I’m obsessed with having nice handwash in my bathroom. I’m currently using Salus’ Tuberose and Grapefruit hand wash but it’s about to run out and I have my eye on either Bondi Wash’s Lemon Tea Tree & Mandarin hand wash (I’m a sucker for anything with Mandarin in it!)

or Aesop’s Reverence Aromatic hand wash…

What are your favourite hand washes?


Can’t go past Aesop Resurrection. I don’t like the gritty bits in the Reverence version, how do you feel about them @christined ?

I also have Dr Bronners Lavender soap next to the kitchen sink. I quite like it.


@katemorrisceo I’ve only ever tried the Reverence handwash when it was in a restaurant bathroom. The gritty bits didn’t bother me… although I guess I feel like they are a bit pointless. I don’t really need my hands exfoliated :joy:.
Maybe the Resurrection WOULD be more my style.


Lime & Aloe vera Handwash is best and organic as well as