Has anyone tried a hair straightening brush?

Has anyone tried a hair straightening brush?


Has anyone tried one of those electric hair brushes that straightens your hair? I am a chronic hair straightener and love the idea of using one of these and not having to have a brush in one hand and straightener in the other but am dubious about how well they work?


I have one and since I got it I have only used my ghd once (in 12 months). I have naturally thick wavy hair so for me it has been great, i dont want perfect straight hair - i want my hair smoothed but still with body


oh this is good news @janinewalda. I have thick wavy hair too… and frizzy! I would happily leave the wave in if I could just smooth it out. Any brand recommendations?


Thank’s for your input.


Yes, I would like to hear too - as I am in the midst of purchasing one and it would be great to get some feedback.


I have thick course curly frizzy hair that I use both the GHD straightener and the GHD wand with great results. I bought the Daphni brand brush used it twice and sold it on. It made my hair sort of straight but not like the GHD and really big!! Imagine a hair pyramid. Hope this helps


This made me laugh @carolinerae :joy:. Sorry to hear it didn’t work for you. How curly/frizzy is your hair? Mine is more thick and wavy so I wonder if perhaps it might still be worth trying for me. Or do you think the brand you bought was perhaps not as good as well?


I bought a Dafni from the razor shop?? I think that’s the shop. It made my hair feel very dry and of course just didn’t work. My hair is very curly until you brush it then it’s a frizzy mess. Rain and humidity are not my friends. Good luck with your search, my friends think I have a hair tool addiction


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