Has anyone tried Moroccan oil product?

Has anyone tried Moroccan oil product?
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I always want to try Moroccan hair oil for hair treatment, would really love to hear your views.

I am currently using the coconut oil I bought from Fiji (“Pure Fiji”) a few hours prior to the wash and I can see that my hair starts to shine. However, the end of my hair still seem a little bit dry. Therefore, I am still keen to try out the Moroccan oil.

Thank you all for your information in advance.



Ohh I love Moroccanoil. I cannot live with out it.

When I have dark hair, I use the Original formula, but when I was blonde I used the Light formula. Both fantastic if you ask me.
I use 2 pumps in my hair before I blow dry and my hair is so soft and smooth!! ahhh :slight_smile:

I also use the Glimmer Hair shine right before I straighten my hair. I spray once into my hand, rub together and then apply it to my dry hair. That is a tip I learnt off my hairdresser :slight_smile: Works a treat, when wanting really healthy looking hair.

Lastly, once every week, or if I am lazy, once every 2 weeks I use the Restorative Hair Mask!!! My hair has seriously never felt so amazing! Every time I do a mask, I fall in love with it all over again :slight_smile: My little tip for this would be to add a couple of pumps of the Original formula oil to it before applying to my hair. I then apply the mask and glad wrap it for 15 mins to lock in all the moisture.

You wont regret it… haha… you can’t half tell I am a huge fan :slight_smile:


This is such a great product! Easy remedy for a bad hair day! :heartbeat:


Sorry to bump! But Moroccan Argan Oil products rock! I personally use them for skincare and haircare with good results within only two weeks.

Hope you find a great brand that works for you.

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We’re big fans of Moroccan Oil, checkout some our favs!:


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Not yet but would like to go for it as i am seeing very good responses here.


I have used the Moroccan Oil for a few years now but recently I started using pure argan oil (bought it at the supermarket) & like it so much better!


my mother use Moroccan Oil also read more about let me try :slight_smile: i hope fine then share here