Has anyone tried pain free waxing?

Has anyone tried pain free waxing?
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I’m about to head off for a trip to Europe backpacking for a month and I don’t feel like trying to shave in a hostel bathroom and I’m wondering if anyone has tried the hard wax beads that are supposedly painless? Also if anyone has tried sugar wax and if its also painless? and if any lovely ladies or men can recommend pre and post wax care :slight_smile: any and all experience is appreciated!


@anniepriestly I’ve never tried the hard wax beads but I’ve been to a salon that used sugar wax and it was definitely still painful!


Anything that rips your hair out by the roots is going to hurt. Unfortunately. Hot wax is less painful than strip wax in my opinion, but it still hurts :cry:

Riffi Mitts are awesome for preventing ingrowns on the go, they weigh next to nothing and easy to use in the shower. They are rough though so you need to leave it a few days after waxing before using them.


@anniepriestly According to my knowledge there is no such painless wax. I always get my wax done by the beautician at salon. And I prefer chocolate wax.


@vaishaliyadav - Chocolate Wax!? I’ve never heard of this! Is it just normal wax with a chocolate scent?


@christined Chocolate wax is prepared with the glycerine,cocoa beans, almond oil, soya bean oil , vitamins and minerals. It avoids redness and rashes after waxing and also it retards the hair growth for long period.chocolate wax is less painful with the good result when compare to regular wax. And also its aroma is delicious.


it sounds amazing @vaishaliyadav!


@anniepriestly and @christined give a try for chocolate wax and I am sure you will not switch to other wax again lol:hugs:


Ooooh I like the sound of this chocolate wax business @vaishaliyadav - I usually avoid waxing as I get such a strong inflammatory response - think chicken pox looking legs for 3 - 4 days that is so tender I can barely wear trousers. If you’re in Melbourne, where do you get this done? I’ve never heard of it before.