Hellllp my Scalp!

Hellllp my Scalp!


So I recently went to the hair dressers for a new change of heart. Changing from a light brown to a creamy blonde.
After hours… and hours of sitting. Processes of dye, toner and olaplex were finally finished and I loved the result.

However, I woke up the next day to find my scalp had weeped and scabs beginning to form. It’s not painful at all but I feel like I shouldn’t put product or brush it - in case it get infected.

Has anyone experienced this before or know what I can do for my scalp?!

Many thanks!


Get yourself to the docs hun that sounds like a very nasty reaction even if it’s not painful. If you have open sores on your scalp you don’t want to end up with scarring there. Did the hairdresser patch test you? You also need to let the hairdresser know what happened as well.


Ooh yeah. I agree with @tinamiller. Maybe get it checked out by a professional! If it’s weeping it might get infected and you definitely don’t want that. I would also say try keep it dry and product free for now.


It definitely sounds like you may need to visit your GP, just to ensure that you have not experienced a reaction.

When you are ready to use products again, I highly recommend the Green People Irritated Scalp Shampoo - this product is my regular saviour. I sit in the firing line of our office split system, which means my scalp is exposed to both heating in Winter and air conditioning in Summer - it’s safe to say it’s not very happy with me. The organic formula is very gentle and assists in rebalancing your scalp - nothing else has helped as consistently as this product :slight_smile: