Hello, Adore Beauties!

Hello, Adore Beauties!


It looks like I found a perfect beauty site! Can’t wait to interact with all of you and share some beauty tips. :slight_smile:


Welcome @cherylcequina! Great to have you on board. Look forward to sharing tips and stories with you. In the mean time feel free to jump into any of our topics and share your routines and favourite products. We love hearing about what everyone’s getting a kick out of at the moment. :grinning:


I love this website and just jumped on the community boards - so cool! Hi everyone! :blush: :wave:


Hi @sibbyme, Welcome! So glad you joined us. We’d love to hear more about you, what beauty products you love and what you’re looking to try. Look forward to hearing more from you. :grin:


Thank you, Christine! :slight_smile:


Hi @christined thanks for the welcome! Well, about me: I am soon to be 25 years old (b’day next week!) and I live in a rather humid climate. So I love finding products that help keep oily skin at bay. At the moment I have been using the ASAP range - I am really liking their face wash and all the serums.

I recently received a trial size of Alpha-H Mask and Liquid Gold - must say I am very impressed with the results, even after a short time using it. So I am looking to try this brand a bit more…

I love all things makeup and skincare so I like trying new products, but its great when I find something that works.

I played around with organic brands but couldn’t seem to find something that suited my skin. Any posts about organic skin care?



Hi @sibbyme! lovely to hear your story. I love organic skin care as well. My favourite brand at the moment is Inika. I’ll do a post on organic skincare soon though with some of my favourite recommendations in there as I love hearing other people’s recommendations too. :slight_smile:


Thanks @christined, I’ll look out for it :slight_smile: