Help! I'm a new mum-to-be!

Help! I'm a new mum-to-be!


Looking for recommendations on baby products in general…anything from skincare to teething products, there’s so much out there! What are your must haves?


@fleurbriffa you should definitely check out the Little Innoscents range for your bub! It’s chemical free and specifically made to be gentle enough for newborns.


I love the Weleda baby products, they are very gentle, smell great, and not too expensive.

Also I highly recommend CLARINS Tonic Oil for your stomach and boobs to avoid stretch marks. Used this religiously with both pregnancies and I only have one tiny one on my hip. :ok_hand:


Cornflour instead of baby powder - a few of the natural baby brands do these. Great for treating mild nappy rash. Also stay away from baby wipes for cleaning bubs nappy area - it’s too drying and will exacerbate nappy rash.


Omg!!! I am shocked:flushed: Till these days i was using the baby wipes for cleaning the nappy area of my baby. Thank you @tinamiller and also please let me know which is the better way to cleans the nappy area of my 7 month old baby.


I liked sorbolene with a damp face cloth. I had a load that I just used for bub’s bum - and then popped them into the bucket of sanitiser with the nappies. I was never a fan of disposables. @vaishaliyadav


That’s a cool idea @tinamiller:star_struck: