Help! Watery eyes

Help! Watery eyes


Hi guys!! Does anyone else suffer from watery eyes?? It constantly ruins my makeup! Winged liner, eyeshadow, foundation/concealer… ugh it’s a nightmare!
Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions? I know my eyes are sensitive but they just water regardless- even when I’m not wearing makeup. It’s so frustrating! Any help or tips much appreciated :pray:t2:


I’d be looking at allergy testing and finding out what it is your sensitive to. If it’s something in your products you can start researching makeup and skincare that doesn’t have that ingredient - otherwise you can try and identify what external factor may be causing it and see if you can sensitised against it. Once you’ve fixed the background issue - hopefully you’ll have tear free eyes!


I had this problem for ages and thought it was dry eye. I eventually tried an opthalmologically tested foundation (clinique) and the watering stopped.
Have you tried going makeup free for a few days straight as it does take a while to settle down if it is the makeup?