Hi Beauty Gurus!

Hi Beauty Gurus!


Hi, I’m a new member today. I’ve been trying to find a good beauty forum for the past week and think I may have at last discovered one. My main focus in beauty is growing longer eyelashes. Hopefully someone will be able to answer my questions and maybe I can answer other people’s questions concerning eyelashes…and more. This forum looks really cool so I’m excited to get started.
Here is my blog: http://www.elongereyelashes.blogspot.com/


Hi and welcome to Adore:waving:


Welcome to Adore!:waving:


Welcome to Adore LovelyLashes :waving:


Welcome to the forum! :waving:


Hi and welcome LL :waving:

I’ve used lilash with much sucess in growing my lashes longer. look forward to reading your blog


Hey LL welcome to the forum :spin: