How A Hair Diffuser Can Make You Love Your Curls

How A Hair Diffuser Can Make You Love Your Curls


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Curly-haired girls, I know you’re probably cursing at me right now for writing this article, since I naturally have almost dead straight hair. And while I love curly hair and envy those blessed with gorgeous, voluminous waves, I understand life with curly hair ain’t that simple.

Having straight hair myself, a hair diffuser has never really entered my mind as a necessary hairdryer accessory, but as I’ve learnt, a diffuser can be a curl-defining, frizz-busting savior for curly hair.


What Does A Diffuser Do?

They've been around for decades (gaining significant popularity in the 80's), so diffusers aren't a new phenomenon, but I think they're totally underrated, and kind of non-existent in curly-hair regimes these days. The curly-haired girls I spoke to said they strictly only airdry their hair - and brushing it? That's a complete no-no.
  • A diffuser is an attachment that can be clipped onto the nozzle of your hairdryer

  • It reduces the frizz often associated with air-drying or freehand blow-drying

  • Manages frizz thanks to a more gentle, widely distributed funnel of hot air

  • Boosts up flat curls that may be weighed down or have lost their natural pattern

  • Gives more definition to curly hair, helping to separate individual curls

  • Can give more curl & body to wavy hair

  • Encourages the hair’s natural curl pattern to form

  • Works by changing the air flow from a direct stream to a more diffused circle of air

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How To Use:

Don't towel dry!

Rubbing your hair between your towel can cause friction which leads to frizz. Simply wrap your hair gently in a towel or microfibre hair turban using a grabbing motion through the mid-lengths and ends to absorb the excess moisture from your hair. You don’t want your hair to be dripping when you’re trying to dry it, so take your time wringing it out before you begin.

Product is key

Using curl-defining or hydrating products can really impact your end result and help to further reduce frizz and dryness. I recommend using something like ELEVEN’s Keep Me Curl Defining Cream. Simply work it into damp hair, twirling and defining curls with your fingers as you go. Add small amounts of product at a time so you can achieve your desired style.

Diffuse away

Sectioning your hair as you go, place each section of hair in the diffuser, with the dome facing upwards. With your hairdryer on medium heat, try to handle your hair as little as possible. Interferring with your curls during drying can cause excess frizz, so allow the diffuser to do all the work.

Alternatively if you’re in a hurry, you can gently tip your head upside down and use the diffuser from underneath to dry your ends off a little quicker.


The Verdict?

One of our Adore Beauty team members, Alexandra, has naturally very curly hair. She'd never really used a diffuser before, so I wanted to test out the theory to see whether is really made a difference. I think the before and afters speak for themselves, but I asked Alex to tell us about her diffuser experience anyway.

We used Parlux’s Advance Light Diffuser on my fave Parlux Power Light 385 Ionic & Ceramic Hairdryer.

“I have hair that’s extremely prone to frizz, so getting good curl definition is really important to me when I’m wearing my hair naturally. I found the diffuser really helped to dry my hair gently into it’s natural curl pattern, as opposed to when I don’t use the diffuser, which leads to straight but really fluffy and fuzzy hair. With a little bit of product, I found that this really made a difference in my curls - I no longer have to wait hours and hours for my hair to air dry!”

Air-Drying VS Diffuser


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