How Brushing Your Hair Actually Makes It Healthier

How Brushing Your Hair Actually Makes It Healthier


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Did you dread brushing your hair as a kid? Many of us were convinced (with some help from Marcia Brady) that taking our time to brush our hair would give us gorgeous, thick and silky locks. Well it turns out that’s not a complete myth - in fact, it’s kind of true.

Don't worry, I only learnt this fact recently too - brushing your hair - actually, let me rephrase, brushing your scalp can actually make your hair healthier. Let me explain exactly what you need to know.

1. Invest in the right brush

Opt for a boar bristle brush like evo bradford natural boar bristle pin brush. They've been around for centuries thanks to their ability to naturally distribute oils, leading to shinier, healthier hair. Brushing your hair with a boar bristle brush is like a form of dry shampooing, as it shifts impurities like can build up on the scalp, so your hair can remain cleaner for longer between washes. Trust me, I thought this was a total lie too.

2. Get your brush on

Yes, brushing your hair will make it look silky and smooth, but there's more to it. Brushing your hair and scalp regularly not only distributes natural beneficial oils through the hair, but it also stimulates circulation to the scalp and rejuvenates the hair follicles. So you'll find your hair is conditioned and strenghtened - oh, and this can also prevent hair thinning, as the blood flow to the scalp encourages hair growth.

3. Detangle first

Brushing and detangling are totally different. To prevent unnecessary breakage or pulling, you should detangle your hair before brushing using a wide tooth comb like The Wet Brush Basin Detangling Comb before using your boar bristle brush. And curly-haired girls, I'm not neglecting you here - boar bristle brushes are suitable for you too, as they reduce frizz and make hair more manageable.  

The Brush You'll Need:

evo bradford natural boar bristle pin brush

- This natural boar bristle pin brush stimulates the scalp, reduces frizz & adds shine
  • The soft cushion pad is ideal for gentle daily styling to maintain the hair’s condition

  • Great for smoothing, controlling & polishing the hair during styling

  • Created from high quality materials to ensure high durability & heat resistance

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