How can I cover up facial hair on my face using make up?

How can I cover up facial hair on my face using make up?


Has anyone ever covered up facial hair on their face using make up?
I have pretty fair skin but quite dark hair and I was wondering how I can cover up facial hair using make up? Should I be using a colour correcting concealer?


Hey @georgiah94 ooh that’s a tough one. I think concealer is a hard one because it will probably still come off the hairs pretty quickly and they’ll stick up. Would you consider laser hair removal? Fair skin and dark hair is the perfect candidate for it and it’s fairly reasonably priced these days and works a treat! Just make sure you find a good laser clinic.


You will need to do some hair removal first, whether you chose to wax, use depilatory creams, pluck, thread or use laser. When you apply makeup over areas of hair growth, it tends to get cakey and emphasisis the hair growth. Think of it like a shadow. I get this around my top lip when I haven’t waxed it for a while. The makeup sticks in there and it just stands out. Mine are blonde but i still wax it.

So my recommendations are wax the area and just apply your regular makeup! Once you start waxing, it becomes easier to maintain.