How can i prevent stretch marks?

How can i prevent stretch marks?
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So I already have some quite bad stretch marks on my thighs, and on my stomach I can just see a faint purple line of where some new ones are coming through. If I put cocoa butter and moisturiser on those ones, will that prevent them being more noticable? Will it clear them up quicker? Thanks.


Hi, I hope this information helps. Stretch marks can be caused by many different things such as sudden muscle gain, rapid weight gain or loss, or pregnancy. Pretty much anything that causes the rapid shrinking or expanding of the collagen can cause a stretch mark. One important way to avoid stretch marks is to drink lots of water, keep your skin as hydrated and healthy as possible! Make sure to eat very healthy especially if you’re pregnant to avoid too much weight gain. You also need to exercise, just make sure you don’t lift heavy weights too fast because your muscles can grow too fast and you’ll end up with stretch marks from that. Try to create a “stretch mark prevention daily routine” and do your best not to stray from your routine. As far as I know there’s no way to get rid of them completely but perhaps you should speak to a dermatologist regarding what you can do to reduce the appearance of the marks you already have. Good luck!