How did you discover the products you use?

How did you discover the products you use?


My beauty routine desperately needs a shakeup.

So I recently went into a beauty store for one of those “makeover/lesson” sessions which is free if you buy a certain value of product afterwards. The whole time I suffered a hard sell and finished up with a list of 40+ products that I was told I absolutely needed - I went in there wanting to accentuate what I felt was my natural beauty and left feeling like Fiona from Shrek.

I have now spent hours trawling Youtube and have discovered the world of beauty influencers who have introduced me to hundreds of products but am growing increasingly skeptical of their pay-for-comment style with “oh my god, it’s just sooooo good” stated about EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT!

I have now started buying some of the “sample/gift packs” that are in the New Years sales hoping to test a variety of brands and products myself, but this is obviously not ideal - limited brands and products and I’ll no doubt end up with heaps of stuff I just don’t like. I’ve been trawling through Adorebeauty and cannot for the life of me work out how I would even start to choose the right products.

I’m keen to know how you found out about the products you use. Did you just buy and try? Did you get your hands on samples? Can you rely on friends advice? Are there certain brands that are fool-proof?

I’d love a nudge in the right direction ;-D


@zanna I like to do a fair bit of research before I spend on products, especially when they’re expensive. For me there’s nothing like a feedback and reviews from other users. This forum has been invaluable for me in that respect and has definitely helped give my credit card a workout in the beauty department :see_no_evil:.

I either throw out my own questions on the forum asking for suggestions on products that will help with a certain issue or for people’s favourite makeup recommendations or I’ve also found that trawling through other posts has tempted me to give new things a try.

Is there anything in particular you’re wanting to focus on?


Well, luckily I’ve never really needed a lot of skincare or makeup and so it’s been a non-issue for me. However, I’m a little older now and in looking to see what’s out there I’ve found that the entire industry is nothing like it used to be.

For example, I thought I might start wearing foundation during the day to smooth out some minor sun spots. Good lord! The brands, the formulas, the colours, the application methods…So I started asking around and researching and it seemed the more info I gathered the less confident I was. And my credit card is in bandages! :see_no_evil:

At this point I feel like I’ve accumulated a lot of products that I’m not really happy with - some I may use anyway until they’re gone, while others I know will sit there until they’re old and unusable - and I’m not sure how to work it all out from here.

I’ll definitely trawl through the posts here for help and inspiration. But surely there’s a short cut to finding the right products? :grin:


Oooh I love this question, such a great one!! I agree, if I was starting out now I’d feel mystified.

I don’t actually buy very much any more, and beauty has been my #1 hobby for the last 8 or so years. I feel like most beauty bloggers/influencers aren’t as honest and upfront as they used to be, part of it is sponsorship but also part of it is that there can be a lot of kickback if you say a product didn’t work for you. So you kinda end up with a community that is just pushing all these products… when really, they can’t all be your favourite! Hahaha.

I spend a lot of time reading forums & product reviews to make sure I have a really good ‘feel’ for a product before I consider purchasing. Sometimes videos etc can make me feel excited for a product, but I try my best to not buy anything before i go home, check to see if I have anything similar. Or with skincare - do I need to be spending this much money? Will this product live up to its claims? Will I realistically include this in my routine?

I would recommend not ever relying on any one single professional or brand for skincare & makeup tips. There are some brands that I highly, highly rate but none that I would say cover every base, in my opinion at least. At Adore we’re trained to be brand agnostic (and we don’t make commission or anything) so it’s more about which combo of products will work best for you - though in some ways it’s very difficult to predict what will work exactly, we try our best based on the products we’ve used ourselves :slight_smile: so I’d recommend speaking to our CS girls if there’s anything in particular you’re after. No obligation to buy and they can point you in a direction - I know I’ve told customers straight up before that I don’t think we can help them, or that they need to adjust their search criteria.

I don’t want to come off like I’m advertising for us, but it probably is the easiest way to go and I know we’re trained :laughing:

Other than that, I’ve joined forums before, such as Reddit, for ideas about what to buy! I’m also careful with which bloggers I listen to, and try to notice when things are sponsored.


Ooh also with new products - I often pass them over to friends or family who want to try them if they don’t work for me. Or, use them on my body when it’s not good enough for my face :rofl:


I follow a few beauty blogs such as Caroline Hirons and Into the Gloss. I also follow quite a few Instagram accounts as they really know what is going on when it comes to products. I find that they are very honest in their reviews and always include if the product has been sent to them to review. I have discovered lots of new brands although some of them are not available in Australia. They all seem to have a real passion for beauty and skincare and use a lot of different products. Here are some of my favourites:, way of the skinwalker, the beauty bloss