How did you treat your skin tags?

How did you treat your skin tags?


Hi ladyes ! How did you treat your skin tags? I have one at the upper eyelid and it starts annoying me.


Hi @samantasmith! I’ve never had them (knock on wood) but my friend said she got rid of hers with apple cider vinegar by taping a cotton bud soaked in ACV to them regularly. I’ve also heard chemical peels work well? You could try swabbing them with the Pixie Glow Peel Pads perhaps?


I’ve worked with plastic & cosmetic surgeons in the past, and I’d recommend seeing a dermatologist to have it removed - it’s a super simple procedure - if it’s a true skin tag, topical treatments won’t be effective. If it’s more like millia (white bumps under the skin that commonly form on the eyelids), you can usually have these removed by a dermal therapist.


Thnx , I will definitely take your advice)