How do you decide what products to try next?

How do you decide what products to try next?


How does everyone decide what products they’re going to try next? Is it dissatisfaction with current products that has you looking for new ones? Or the hope of finding something that works better? Is it reading the reviews on the Adore website, reading people’s comments here or trying those fab little samples that adore put in our orders?
Or all of the above :joy:
Also, does there come a point where you’re happy with everything your using and don’t need/want to try anything else? Or is there always something new to try?


All of the above!! I also find that sometimes my skin stops responding to a product after months which is frustrating. Change of season and travelling also throws my skin :weary: I have a handful of beauty staples I have used for years (spot cream, lip balm etc) but otherwise I am always trying new things.


All of the above for me as well! Recommendations is a big one for me though. I also like to read reviews on the Adore site to help make my decisions.