How do you decrease the appearance of pores?

How do you decrease the appearance of pores?


As I’ve gotten older the appearance of pores have definitely started to becoming a little more obvious. Particularly around my T-zone. I’ve done various google searches on this and usually come back with random home remedies like “rub ice cubes on your face” or “rub lemon juice on your pores to tighten them”. There also seem to be a variety of products on the market that are supposed to help but it’s all a bit overwhelming!

Anyone got any good solutions to keep pores tight and discreet?


I hate dealing with obvious pores in my face. I’ve figured out a few tricks that seem to work form me and reduce their appearances.

  1. double cleansing with an oil cleanser (Shu uemura or Japanese brands) and then a gentle (pH 4.5 - 6) cleanser. The oil cleansers are gentle on the skin and makeup/gunk just melts off. Also, I spend a couple of minutes massaging and going in little circles around my nose so all the little black and white crap filling up in my pores come out (feels like sand when they do!) My t-zone pores look so clean and plump after this.

  2. I tone/hydrate using non alcohol containing (preferably slightly acidic) toner and essences. I use about a tablespoon on my face each time I wash it. If I have time, I will do a sheet mask for up to 30 mins (I DIY my lotion mixing my favourite serums, hyaluronic acid, and coconut water/toner). This process makes suck a difference to my skin! It plumps all the pores up so they look like they don’t exist. Moisturise immediately to help prevent all the water evaporating from the skin and opening up pores.

  3. Exfoliation. I like Dermalogica’s microfoliant every other day and regular use of AHA, BHA, and Lactic acid treatments ( alpha H liquid gold x3/week, BHA and LA serums from the Ordinary when needed). When I forgot to pack “my acids” for a two week holiday, my pores were definitely more noticeable and skin texture rougher than usual.


@emiseino you are a guru at this! Couple of questions for you…

-On the oil cleanser front (as I’ve never tried one) - do you have to give it a good wipe with a muslin cloth or something to get all the gunk off afterwards?

-Do you have a particular toner that you recommend?


I have had good experiences with Hylamide Pore Delete. I know you have used that range before @christined
I am unsure if it is my makeup, or pore delete, but I dont like popping it on in the morning under my makeup. I find it makes my makeup cloggy. (Maybe I used too much, or didn’t wait for it to dry)
Either way, I use it at night when I go to bed and when I wake up, pores deleted! LOL


@annettebisinella oh my gosh, yes! I forgot about the Hylamide Pore Delete. I did once see it while skimming through the Adore site and thought it sounded really good. So you use it every night? Do you feel like it’s actually shrinking your pores or is it just filling them in?


@christined I have def noticed smaller pores. More even skin tone.I probably use it at least 3 times a week.