How do you get rid of acne scarring?!?!

How do you get rid of acne scarring?!?!


The Alpha H range has really helped me stop my adult acne, and reduced my redness alot. But how do you get rid of those stubborn scars without spending hundreds of dollars in spa treatments?

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Liquid Gold from Alpha is amazing! It may help with scarring.


@taracleggett I am a cult follower of liquid gold. This product has help me sooo much!
I have heard about peels, and oils and serums that can take removal of acne scarring to the next level. Have you had any good experiences with any other products aside from liquid gold?


I was going to say AHA products are always good so yes, the Alpha-H range! Apparently derma-rolling is really good too!


@christined what is derma-rolling? Never heard of that before?


I have also heard this product is great. Seems to have good reviews. Keen to hear if anyone here has personally used it. And how it worked?


@annettebisinella basically you use a tool with very fine needles (like in the pic below) that you then roll on your skin. It tricks your skin to thinking it needs to produce more collagen because it thinks it’s being damaged. They have different size needles depending on whether you’re using it for your face or a body part. You can do it yourself or a lot of beauty salons offer it as well. I’m a bit scared to try it though.


@christined This seems seriously scary! I dont know if I can take the plunge. Which is why I have avoided a salon to have mircoderm treatment done. I hear it can be painful, but does produce results.
I cant seem to overcome the painful hurdle!
Do we really need to hype our anxiety to get the results we looking for?? Thats crazy!


I did some research on The Ordinary last night after reading on different forums about how great the brand is. Some people say that The Ordinary Advanced Retinoid 2% has help people with acne scarring.
@Shannon_Staff you seem to know alot about this product line. Can you give me guidance on if this would be suitable?


@annettebisinella I don’t think you need to push too hard with the derma roller. Just light rolling works but I just don’t trust myself not to do wrong. Apparently at salons they often use numbing cream on you first :astonished:. I’ve had some friends do it though and they say the results are amazing.


@christined I am with you 100% I think I leave that to the professionals


Yes - you’re spot on, that’s my top pick from The Ordinary for fading acne scarring for people who haven’t used Retinol before. The Retinoid is a really nice option because you will still see results, with less chances of ending up with flakey/irritated skin from overusing retinol - especially if you’re already incorporating chemical exfoliants in your routine.

Which products from Alpha-H have you used - was it primarily their glycolic acid products (eg. Liquid Gold)?

What kind of scarring is it? Redness, with light indentations or deeper scarring?


AlphaH Liquid Gold
Alpha-H Liquid Gold 24 Hour Moisture Repair Cream
Alpha-H Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum

Are the 3 glycolic acid products I use on my face. They have done wonders removing my light scars, reducing redness and stopping my acne. I now have light indentations and deeper scars that I am struggle get rid of.

Is there a cure @Shannon_Staff :pray:


With indentations and scars, retinol is broadly a better choice than glycolic acid - glycolic acid tends to work more on the surface of the skin so it’s a better option for the majority of people who want to address things like dullness, certain fine lines, overall skin tone, however if you’re looking to treat something texture-based like scarring and acne retinol is where you should be heading.

Now this is probably going to read like a cop out, but it’s an honest cop out - haha!

I can’t tell you straight up if you can continue with your current routine while introducing Retinol at the same time, my gut feeling is that it may be too much exfoliation (ie too irritating) - but to me, it looks like you’re already using glycolic frequently.

I’d suggest switching the Liquid Gold for The Ordinary’s Retinoid to see how that goes for you after 2 months? Retinol si something you want to introduce really slowly to see how your skin will react.

With existing scarring, a topical treatment alone often wont give you the results as quickly as you’d like, however it will certainly help!

I’m going to tag @alexandraraymond on this one, she’s brilliant with skincare and might have 2 cents to add to this thread!


Thank you @Shannon_Staff I appreciate that. I too was concerned about strengths along side using liquid gold. Im so glad I asked rather then just jumping in the deep end. I dont want to undo all of my hard work.
I am more then happy to switch it up and try the retinoid to see how I go. The price with The ordinary product range makes it very possible to give it a try.

Id be really keen to here @alexandraraymond opinion too.
My skin has come so far, feel like im on the home stretch and dont want to get it wrong.


I totally get where you’re coming from - it’s a super difficult spot to be in, where you’re seeing results and want to push them, but don’t want to undo any hard work.

I’d definitely recommend switching out one of your AHA products for a retinoid or retinol - you’ve got the added benefits that retinols are also a great treatment for active breakouts as well as hyper pigmentation, so at least in my mind the risk for doing this is really minimal.

I think identifying what sort of scarring you’re experiencing is an important step here too - for example, there’s ice pick scarring, which won’t really go away without getting some sort of professional involved (either with laser, or fillers). I know that’s the answer literally no-one wants to hear (I have one ice pick scar that I’m choosing to live with rather than treat because $$$), but more superficial scars have better chances. Like Shannon said, this is definitely not a quick process, so managing and setting your expectations can actually help your results - for example, don’t give up retinol if you don’t see results after one bottle.

Another thing I’d recommend introducing (which you may already be using, if so great) is just a straight up Hyaluronic Acid - there are great options that are affordable in Hylamide and The Ordinary. I’ve personally found that in conjunction with other treatments it’s going to help to boost your skin healing time, plus when you think about it - fillers are used to treat scars, fillers are more often than not Hyaluronic Acid. Again not going to see crazy instant results but it will help to get where you’re trying to go, plus it’s a relatively low risk product to add to your routine because there’s no risk of over exfoliation and very minimal risk of breaking out from HA serum.

Hope this helps!


Totally agree with you Alex - spot on! Managing expectations is probably the least fun thing about skincare, especially when you’re putting your time and money toward something that you’re not seeing right away, and with so many skincare options that are marketed so well it’s pretty easy to give up on something that might already be working for you (I’m a louuuusy hypocrite with this one!)


@alexandraraymond Thank you so much for that advice. I really appreciate it.
I don’t mind spending money, but I find it hard to “trust” salon professionals. I have had alot of experience in the past where they say, this is easy to treat, a few sessions and we will have this sorted. I then end up spending so much money, with no success.
I know thats a hard thing for them to judge when everyone is different. And Im sure not all salons are the same of course.

I have placed on order for The ordinary retnoid and will be trialing this in replacement of my current AHAs

The advice on here has really helped me. thank you so much for taking time to guide me on this.
@alexandraraymond @Shannon_Staff @christined :sunflower::hibiscus::blossom:


TOTALLY AGREE! I think unfortunately skin is just one of those things where you’ve got to be agile with how you approach it - different cream depending on the weather, an extra hydrating serum in winter, etc etc. I love the idea of just a few months of regular treatment fixing all my woes but I’ve never had success this way. Only the boring kind of success that comes with hard work and dedication :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue:

Please let us know how you go with the Retinoid!


I have to say that I find a skin routine very satisfying. Feel as though its like healthy eating or going to the gym. Gives me a positive kick knowing I am doing something to help health of my skin.
So I understand @Shannon_Staff when you say “success that comes with hard work and dedication”. :blush: