How do you get rid of acne scarring?!?!

How do you get rid of acne scarring?!?!


Whenever I used to have pimples on my face I used to pop them out and apply talcum powder to them but suddenly things became worse as those regions turned into scars which just freaked me out… I became mad to find out a cure for it and luckily got one too I started to use dermalmd anti-scar serum on my friend’s recommendation and thanks to her all those scary scars are gone now…


My doctor told me about dermalmd blemish serum and I bought this serum to see if it would help minimize a scar that I have before my wedding day in oct. I have been using blemish serum for a few weeks and can already see a noticeable difference in the scar that I have!


Acne can affect anyone, at any age. Unfortunately, for many people, the embarrassment of acne doesn’t stop when the acne actually disappears, because it can leave scars behind that are hard to treat. In very severe cases of acne scars, it’s best to visit a dermatologist who could recommend a good treatment, such as, laser skin resurfacing, but for many people, there are much simpler ways to treat this condition. There are some natural ingredients that can be found right in our kitchen, that can help get rid of acne scars. Feel free to read more tips here.


Anything with BHA in it, as AHA is very surface level, BHA goes deeper. Anything with enzymes and promotes rejuvenation and cellular turnover. Fractional RF would be your best bet :slight_smile:


Oh interesting! I didn’t know this about BHA and AHA @eviesskin. Do you have any particular BHA based products that you recommend?


@christined These two are my favourite depending on what my skin needs, you’d need to see which is best for your concerns and skin ASAP Radiance Serum with AHA/BHA and Skinceuticals Blemish Age Defense Serum And then I use The Beauty Chef Probiotic Skin Refiner religiously