How important is toner?

How important is toner?


I use a toner but an inexpensive one and spend more on cleansers and serums. A friend of mine, uses skinstitut who apparently don’t have a toner (could be wrong) and her skin specialist told her it’s unnecessary? I have always been told to use one??? It closes yr pores after a cleanse doesn’t it??? Updated info much appreciated


@amandahaimes I have been wondering the exact same thing as I’m keen to buy The Ordinary Glycolic Toner. I was just speaking to a friend about it and she’s said it’s almost closing the pores and helping to tighten your skin.


Toners are a very important step as it is the final cleanse prior to applying your serums and creams. It cleanses the skin of any impurities your cleanser may have missed and preps the skin for the next step.


Rather than a Toner, my advise is to use an Essence. Tatcha has a beautiful Essence. It’s not cheap but it lasts. You get a lot in the bottle. A 10 cent size puddle in the palm, close hands and put it on the face then pat it in. Essence’s make the skin more receptive to the products you put on the skin. Your skin will absorb the products more efficiently. I wouldn’t be without the Tatcha Essence.
I tried SK II and it’s got nothing on the Tatcha. It’s also more expensive for a lot less product.


The Ordinary products are amazing. I have many of them. The science behind the product and the ingredients are incredible. I don’t use the toner. I use an Essence, but give it a try. You just can’t go wrong with The Ordinary.


Old school toners which purport to ‘finish off’ the cleansing process don’t really value add to your routine. However the cool kids on the block are the acid toners like TO Glycolic toner and the pixi pads mentioned above by someone else. These will absolutely give you results pretty quickly. Always gradually add acids to your skin, particularly if you have never used them before. Just be aware if your adding acids to your routine you absolutely MUST use a sunblock religiously as acids make your skin more sensitive to the sun.


Yes, I use the Pixie Glow Peel Pads a couple of times a week and they leave my skin beautiful and my pores much smaller! I love them. Agreed though - you need to ease into these.