How long have you gone without washing your hair? Lol

How long have you gone without washing your hair? Lol


Which dry shampoo has gotten you through the toughest times when the thought of washing your hair seems too tiresome to fit into your busy schedule?


I stopped washing my hair every second day years ago and it made a BIG difference to my hair health. I now wash roughly every 5 days but can stretch it out to 7, maybe even 8, with a bit of dry shampoo. Certainly easier to get away with this in winter and when I’m not doing super sweaty workouts!

My hair seems a lot healthier the less I wash it which seems counterintitiive but I guess makes sense when you think about how your hair oils are produced!

I think I could push it to 10+ days but psychologically I don’t think I could do it! :joy::weary:


I can’t do more than 5 days without washing. And by that time it is feeling GROOOOSSSSSS. But it still looks passable if I use lots of evo water killer from day 3.

I like to dry-shampoo at night and then sleep with it in. Takes some of the powdery look out :ok_hand:


Lmao I love this question! Personally I can’t hack the idea of not washing my hair - though my hair is short, uncoloured and I’ve got no main concerns - plus I work out most days!

Probably the longest I’ve gone is when I’ve been too sick to get out of bed, and I sure couldn’t be bothered with dry shampoo then either hahaha!

My fav dry shampoo is either the Kevin.Murphy as it’s practically invisible and smells great, or I’m also a fan of good ole Batiste :smiley:


@Shannon_Staff it’s certainly an exercise in psychology I think! I wouldn’t dream of not washing my face and doing my skin routine morning and night and showering once or twice a day is totally the norm… but when it comes to hair I’m now so much more relaxed! I used to be super freaked out about it.

Come Summer it’s every 3-4 days but winter is a different story altogether! What’s your thoughts on those no-wash people who just stop using shampoo altogether? That idea totally grosses me out :astonished:


I have some EVO water killer on the way actually! I was waiting for my last dry shampoo to run out before taking up your recommendation from the Dry Shampoo topic. Looking forward to trying it.


I wash every four days and use dry shampoo between. I love Kevin.Murphy Fresh. hair dry shampoo!


I bought the EVO water killer a few weeks ago and it’s awesome. I’ve also gotten compliments on how nice my hair smells. If only people knew I was just covering up dirty hair! Haha

@karendurso - to answer your question I think the longest for me is 7 days once when I went camping but when not camping I can probably only stretch out 4-5 days and that’s with Dry Shampoo daily from day 3 onwards.


I wash only once a week. My roots don’t get oily so I really don’t need too. I also don’t use much styling products. I’m a mum so my hair often in a bun. My hair routine has never been so easy. That being said I still use a heat protectant, leave in treatment, and a hair Mark. I don’t neglect my hair just because I rarely wash it. It’s never felt healthier although I with I had more hair.