How often do YOU clean your makeup brushes?

How often do YOU clean your makeup brushes?



Oh gosh, if I’m honest… hardly ever. Eek! And when I do I literally just use the hand soap in my bathroom and give them a quick wash with water. They hold up pretty well though!


Not often enough that’s for sure! Brushes that I use with wet products (foundation) I wash right away but powers I do roughly once a week. I used to use hand soap but it never got everything out and there would be a build up over time. Then I was told to try shampoo and that works a treat!


Once a fortnight and I use a combination of Dettol Hand wash first (red colour for some reason works best for removal of stubborn long wear foundation) and Herbal Essences drama clean shampoo second which doesn’t leave any residue.


Every 2 weeks with the sponges. You have to be careful and know how to care for your brushes. My Wayne Goss brushes have to be cleaned differently.


By the way I use the sigma dry and shape system and the mat which goes in the sink. Great results.