How often do you exfoliate your face?

How often do you exfoliate your face?


I love a bit of a skin exfoliating regime. Currently I’ve been using the Pixi Glow Glycolic Peel Pads once a week on my face to keep it smooth. A friend told me a skin care expert recently warned her about overdoing it with exfoliators as they strip your skin. Which brings me to ask you guys - how often do you exfoliate your skin and how often do you think is ok to do so?


I think it largely depends on what product you are using and what your trying to address for your skin. I currently use the Alpha H liquid rose gold 3 x times a week in the PM and use their Beauty Sleep power peel 2 x week as recommended by the lovely woman from Alpha H (sorry have completely forgotten her name) in her Q & A session a few weeks back - so that brings me to 5 x a week. But I never do manual exfoliation and I didn’t have great skin texture from over exposure to the sun as a kidlet. Prior to the alpha h my skin looked almost orange peel like - my skin isn’t reacting so I don’t feel I’m overdoing it.


Recently I’ve been switching between the Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask (absolute fave exfoliator of all time & gentle on my sensitive skin) and Elizabeth Arden Pro Skin Perfecting Peel Pads (purchased from my local Medi Day Spa).
I found that when i used the Peel Pads twice a week my skin broke out, so kicked back to once a week and
changing between the two brands and haven’t had any problems.
The Aspect Fruit Enzyme Peel is so gentle, yet you see the dead skin rolling off as the product breaks down the outer layer of skin. Skin is left baby soft and drinks up all of your serums/facial oils afterwards.


I am currently using and loving the korean brand ‘Smart Peeling’ Honey and black sugar scrub, when you apply it and massage into your skin the natural formula becomes warm, it feels so relaxing. I like to exfoliate twice a week with some days in between each treatment to give my skin time to reap its benefits! :slight_smile:


I exfoliate once a week with this product from Cosmedix . I put it on a few minutes before jumping in the shower and then let it “steam” a bit which apparently helps it to do it’s thing. I have it on for maybe 10 minutes and afterwards my skin is super smooth!


Personally I am cautious about over exfoliating because I end up with burst capillaries
Sheiseido has a really good exfoliating cleanser that is gentle on the skin, I use it a few times a week and stick to an oil based cleanser for daily use


I have read that we shouldn’t exfoliate more than three times a week. I have been using the Clarins and Clinique exfoliators which are fine for my skin but I would like a change, and would love to try a new one. So I would love to hear some suggestions. There are just far to many to choose from!