How often should you clean your face per day?

How often should you clean your face per day?


I am currently cleaning my face twice a day but I feel like it may be too much. Thoughts ?


I personally wash my face morning and night, it helps me prepare my skin for my day and night products. I don’t think you could be doing too much, but it would be best if you were using a PH Balanced cleanser, as it won’t feel stripping on the skin.


Well personally I wash my face twice a day but I’ve started using this skin care range called neostrata it’s an American company, and the results are amazing!! it’s evened out my complexion and I don’t even have to use moisturiser !!! It’s has also reduce my pores and has even been told my skin now has a glow. So when I do my daily routine it’s now 1. wash my face with neostrata and use their ultra smoothing lotion and then off I go, and than 2. I repeat this before bed. My skin has never felt better and my twice a day routine works amazingly !!


I purchased new products about 2 weeks ago and I feel as though my face is not looking any different. Do you by any chance know how long it takes for new products to work, thanks in advance :slight_smile:


How long did it take for the products to work on your skin? I have just started new skin care products and don’t see much of a difference :frowning:


@sanjajesic I cleanse twice a day as well but I think the trick is to have a very gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip away the oils too much if you’re going to cleanse more than once a day. An oil or cream based cleanser is probably your best bet!


Thank you. Do you have any recommendations for oil based cleansers?


Twice a day I think is a must!
Night for rejuvenation while you sleep. Wash the day and makeup away.
Morning to wash away skin cells and impurities your skin has detoxified through the night.


@sanjajesic I have yet to try this but I hear the Sukin oil cleanser is a good one! The trick with oil cleansers is that you often have to wipe away the oil rather than relying on water to cleanse it all off… but the oil base is awesome for taking away dirt and impurities


Well mine took about a month to see the results and everyones skin is different, but first your skin will get a bit oily because your skin is trying to balance out however It clears up around that time frame, and is where you see the results!! . If u have senestive skin I would use the ultra smoothing lotion just at night and the cleanser twice a day !! But believe me the cleanser is my life saver and it very reasonably priced. I know Priceline and chemist wharehouse stock it and it was recommended to me by one of the leading dermatologist in melbourne, which is how I know about the products. Quite a while ago, no shops in Australia stocked the brand, however now neostrata is readily available and is reasobale price… hope that helps !! It’s worked wonders for me,

:grin: I’ll show u a picture of the products I use.


I used to wash my face everyday, but as someone with oily skin, I started finding that my makeup would last much longer and sit better if I didn’t wash my face first in the morning and trigger any oil production. So now I just wash it at night and find it works really well for me.


I’m with @rebeccaambesi! My skin is normal to combo, I can get shiny throughout the day when I don’t powder especially through the t-zone.

I only wash my face in the evenings, and in the morning I use a micellar cleanser. After the first few weeks on this method, I was sold forever and I’ve been doing it for years now - it seems to help keep my skin balanced, and prevents it from producing excess oils because I haven’t stripped away any protective barrier with a cleanser in the morning.

I love the Bioderma micellar cleanser, but I find any micellar water to be pretty similar - Sukin do one that I really like too, and it’s cheaper!

Give it a try!!


Did you exfoliate too??? If so how often


I will definitely give it a try!! I’ve heard many good things about Sukin, I have to give it a go! I have micellar but have not used it yet, I will also try that :slight_smile: