How-To: Choose The Best Natural Sunscreen For Your Kids

How-To: Choose The Best Natural Sunscreen For Your Kids


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If you and your family are currently in the process of switching to a more natural way of living, don’t forget that some of your commonly used skincare products, like children’s sunscreen, will need to be substituted too.

But how do you trust a natural sunscreen to give your kids the same sun protection that a chemical sunscreen can?

Little Innoscents Sun Lotion SPF30 makes a great mineral alternative to your usual go-to kids’ sunscreen, thanks to its zinc-based formula.

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Why Trust Little Innoscents For Your Kids?

  • It’s a mineral based formula with Zinc Oxide as the only active ingredient

  • Provides broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection

  • Packed with skin-soothing Vitamin E, Organic Green Tea & Cucumber

  • Contains nourishing ingredients like Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil & Rosehip extract

  • It’s an affordable option at under $20

  • Provides the skin with instant protection from the harsh, drying sun

  • It contains no preservatives, parabens or chemical absorbers

  • It’s suitable for sensitive skin and is fragrance free

  • It’s safe to use on children from 6 months of age

  • It has a sun protection rating of SPF30 & is water resistant

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What You Need To Know:

Little Innoscents Sun Lotion SPF30 is a physical sunscreen, so it uses Zinc Oxide to create a physical, reflective barrier between the sun and the skin. Not only does Zinc Oxide provide broad spectrum protection, but it has been used as a treatment for nappy rash and other skin irritations, too.

I bet you’re wondering why it’s not SPF50. A common misconception about sunscreen is that the higher the number, the better the protection. In fact, a lower SPF rating just means you need to apply it more regularly - you’re still getting the same protection.

The reason this formula isn’t SPF50 is pretty simple - the consistency would just be too gluggy and hard to rub in, as Zinc Oxide has a rather thick texture naturally. Keeping the SPF rating at 30 allows the formula to be easily rubbed in to the skin, without leaving that white cast or feeling super heavy.

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What's Everyone Saying?

★★★★★ My favourite sunscreen! - Hayley

"I was looking for an organic sunscreen that does not contain far too many nasty ingredients and I found this one. The texture is perfect, it doesn't leave any white residue and smells nice."

★★★★★ Only sunscreen I use for both my children and I - Sarah

"It’s great to know that I’m not putting any toxins on our skin but we are still protected from the harsh sun. Would recommend it to everyone."

★★★★★ Amazing product - Loretta

"My daughter has very sensitive skin and gets never ending eczema. I had tried more than 8 different brands of sun care products and none of them seems to work. Surprisingly this works for her. Full protection which won't leave a white sticky residue."

★★★★★ Maximum protection and doesn't leave white sticky residue - Alex

"This sun lotion kept my bub protected and safe under the scorching hot Queensland sun. This sun lotion is perfect for the whole family, from grandma to our little 3-year-old."

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Hi, is there a spray sunscreen you can recommend for kids? My son won’t stay still for the creams so I have to use the spray on him.