How-To: Cover Greys & Regrowth In An Instant

How-To: Cover Greys & Regrowth In An Instant


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This product is made for three different people: those wanting to cover greys, disguise regrowth between salon visits, or those who have a sparse or thinning hairline. Do any of those sound like you? If so, Oribe Airbrush Root Touch Up Spray is here to save the day (and it’ll take you less than 10 seconds).


How Does It Work?

This easy-to-use spray is made from a quick-drying powder formula with microfine colour pigments which blend seamlessly with your natural hair colour to act as a multi-purpose hair correcting spray.
  • Instantly covers greys, regrowth & thinning areas at the hairline

  • The powder formula also absorbs dirt & oil to refresh hair

  • Pigments blend in instantly for natural-looking coverage

  • Available in four shades for blondes and brunettes

  • Formulated without parabens, sulfates or sodium chloride

  • Safe to use on colour-treated and keratin-treated hair

  • Also provides UV protection for hair

  • This product is vegan & cruelty-free!

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How To Use It:

For greys: Choose the shade that is closest to the shade you want to blend into. Shake the can well before lightly spraying onto the roots. You can section the hair and continue spraying and concealing if you need fuller coverage.

For regrowth: To cover regrowth, again match your chosen shade to the artificial colour of your hair, and spray onto the regrowth. If you have very contrasting regrowth (i.e trying to cover black roots and match to platinum blonde hair), this product won’t work for you. It’s great for concealing regrowth that is up to 5 shades lighter or darker than your natural colour.

For thinning areas: If you’re sick of putting eyeshadow in sparse areas around your hairline, this product is for you. Simply spray directly onto those areas and blend it in with your fingertips.

What's Everyone Saying?

★★★★★ I'd buy this for the smell, alone! - Angela

"Has anyone smelled anything as amazing as Oribe products?? I'd buy this for the smell, alone! This root spray is pretty fantastic and I love that it blends right in with my roots! It gives me a few extra days when I know I need to get my hair done soon."

★★★★★ Great coverage - Rose

"I'm in my 60s and colour my hair dark brown, so between salon visits I get a lot of greys coming through at the roots. I decided to give this product a go and have been really impressed so far. It takes 5 seconds to get instant coverage and the shade Dark Brown matches perfectly with my hair. It doesn't go powdery, or leave any noticeable residue. I also find I can go longer between washes which helps stop my colour fading as well. Definitely recommend this product!"

★★★★★ Great product - Shante

"Discreet, great for travel and has an overall lovely scent. It's perfect for the days I need a serious root touch up but don't have time for the salon."

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