How-To Fix the Most Common Brow Problems

How-To Fix the Most Common Brow Problems


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Unless you have perfectly shaped, full brows, most of us have at least one brow concern. Mine? Mine are sparse, so my solution is a brush-in brow fibre gel daily, and I use a pencil to fill in and shape the top of my brow if I’m wearing a full face of makeup.

So what’s your brow concern and how can we fix it?


For Overplucked brows

I recommend: Benefit Ka-Brow!

Do you belong to the generation of over-pluckers? Or maybe you just accidentally got a little carried away with the tweezers. Don't panic, we can correct this. A crème-gel might be the answer.
  • Rich colour easily fills, sculpts & defines brows

  • Comes with a custom built-in angled brush for precise application

  • The creamy, buildable product glides on for customisable brows

  • It has a 24 hour long-wearing water-resistant formula

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For Sparse brows

I recommend: Eye Of Horus Brow Fibre Extend

Join the club. Sparse brows are inconvenient, but depending on how sparse they actually are, they can be easily transformed. My brows are already dark and relatively thick, so just a brush through of brow fibre gel works a treat for filling in the gaps.
  • This is a buildable brush-in formulation

  • Lengthens & thickens brows adding natural-looking fibres

  • Contains Moringa Oil to encourage brow hair growth

  • Gives subtle colour to brows & sets them in place

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For Unshapely brows

I recommend: Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil

Does anyone actually love their brow shape? I'm always envious of everyone else's. The good thing is, you really can fake shape, depending on where you place your brow product.
  • The Goof Proof Brow Pencil is an easy glide-on brow pencil formula

  • Gives the brows soft, natural-looking colour

  • Has a goof-proof, self-sharpening angled tip

  • Allows you to add shape & dimension without going overboard

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For Unruly brows

I recommend: Garbo & Kelly Clear Brow Gel

If you've got crazy, unruly brows, likelihood is they're already relatively thick, they just need to be tamed. Your brows are calling for a clear gel.
  • Has a brush-through wand for easy application

  • This waterproof formula will set brow hairs in place all day

  • Allows you to create natural-looking feathery brows

  • Also available in a three tinted shades if you also want to add colour

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